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Jun 8, 2010 11:48 PM

Romantic Picnic for 2

I'm planning a picnic and am stubbling with the menu. He's not a big eater, enjoys the simpler things but also a good meal. I want it to be special, some wine, cheese, but am open to ideas and themes. Sandwiches are fine but something different would be nice. I've noted some ideas - bento box, mexican (but what), chicken caesar salad & ??

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. What about things like slices of a spicy (or not) sausage to pair with cheese on pre-toasted French baguette slices, some strawberries with a dipping cream of some sort; fresh figs (are they in season? LOL) wrapped in prosciutto, maybe with a Marcona almond tucked in with some goat cheese.

    Or some mini-sandwiches (maybe using the baguette) with sliced meats (or that prosciutto), a creamy cheese, some arugula, thinly sliced tomatoes, and a spread of some kind.

    Essentially - finger foods. And don't forget LOTS of napkins. :-) (Oh - and a bottle opener if needed for that wine!)

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      Living in the south, I sure noticed they like to picnic with fried chicken. Then there's the great sides that come with that. Cole slaw, macaroni salad... When I picnic with my wife, she loves this broccoli salad that I make that has red onions and cranberries.

      Also here's a thought, if he's a beer lover, instead of bringing a bottle of wine, why not a large bottle of a high gravity beer, or maybe even a lambic?


    2. salmon deviled eggs, melon and proscuitto, blue cheese and fig spread on toast points, chicken salad with orange and almond on crackers, liver mousse, rose champagne