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Jun 8, 2010 08:32 PM

Lebanese Cookbook

I'm looking for a good Lebanese (or Middle Eastern) cookbook. I grew up in Dubai and a lot of the "Middle-Eastern" restaurants were Lebanese. The food was very delicious and I've managed to come close to replicating many recipes. However, I'd like to make my food truly authentic. So does anyone know of good cookbooks where the recipes are very close to homemade? Long preparation, ingredient lists and complicated methods don't scare me :)

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  1. Especially one with a great shawarma recipe!

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          Saha by Gregg Malouf is one of the best books (not just cooking) I have read, insightful, enjoyable, beautiful to look at and the recipes are amazing

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            I also like Saha. It is a beautiful book like the above poster said. And the ma'amoul recipe is to die for!!!!!! :D

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              I love Saha. Gregg Malouf is wonderful and I am a huge fan of his. I actually met him once at a food festival and got to take part in a cooking demo, which was an exciting foodie moment in my life.

              I must say though that many of his recipes in Saha are 'modern' and not grandma-homemade (seems what the OP wants). The recipes are great, I love the narrative that is intertwined with the recipes (I believe that part was penned by his ex-wife) and it is a gorgeous book to own because of the pictorial illustration. I would recommend anyone get it just to have or if they want to try modern innovation in traditional Lebanese cuisine.

        2. Our local Mediterranean foodstore and restaurant is excellent. The owners are Lebanese and published their own cookbook based on his family recipes.
          If you are anywhere near Knoxville Tennessee, they are "Holy Land Market and Deli" on Sutherland Ave. phone 865 525-4659.

          1. Another one would the the cookbook, I think it's called, Flavors of Aleppo. A friend of mine who spend years in the Levant, found it in a bookstore in New England and hopes that her family will give it to her for her birthday. From the bit on, it is a coffee table picture book; from my friend's reading of it in a book store, it's also a cook book worth having.

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              I brought that book, by Poopa Dweck home from the library and read it - its really dedicated to the distinct cuisine of the Aleppo syrian jewish community , not lebanese food and NOT the food that the OP would have experienced in Dubai..

              I know that it gets glowing reviews and it is an attractive book but my one attempted dish was not successful. It also calls for ingredients (a cooked down pomegranate paste or some such) that I could not easily turn up even in the Brooklyn sephardic stores. Dont know what to conclude about whether its really a good book or simply not for the general population.