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Jun 8, 2010 07:39 PM

Way north for a big group?

We're a bunch of se wisconsinites running in the Madison to Chicago relay this weekend, finishing at Montrose harbor Saturday afternoon. We'd like to have a big celebratory group dinner (15-20 folks) somewhere after the race in the far north side , since we're heading home after. Any suggestions? Obviously, we're not looking for gourmet, just fun.

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  1. Indie Cafe (5951 N. Broadway
    )Leona's (6935 N. Sheridan) (Yeah, the food's not amazing, but the prices & portions are great and it's BIG)
    HopHaus (7545 N. Clark)

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      I stopped at Hop Haus with a friend after we went to the movies in Evanston - the Hop Haus localtion at Howard & Clark St. in Gateway Center. I've been to this locatioin (not the other, in River North) four or five times now I'm guessing and each time I've been very satisfied.

      I didn't want much to eat at 8:30/9 p.m. so I opted for the chicken "sliders." Three, three-ounce portions of chicken breast and you can have it served with 5 or 6 toppings. I opted for lettuce, tomato, onion. The sandiwches were accompanied by sides of fries or mac and cheese, but I opted for a nice dinner salad. Cole Slaw also came on the plate. For $8.95 it was a good meal, just what I was looking for at that hour.

      To wash-down the sliders I opted for a couple of pints of Three Floyds Brrewing's Robert the Bruce. A nice dark, full-flavored ale. The bar pours maybe a dozen draughts and that list is complimented by probably a score or two of other good bottled beers.

      My dining companion ordered the hamburger sliders with the same sides, the same beer, and was pleased.

      The large dining room attached to the bar area is outfitted with 10+ large-screed LCD televisions featuring various sporting events. There's a second dining room which I've not yet eaten in, off by itself. The restaurant features an outdoor dining patio seating maybe 30 people, as well.

      This Hop Haus location offers easy, unlimited free parking. if you''ll be on the far North Side of the city, or even in Evanston, this might be a good stop for you. Groups can be easily accommodated.

      Three Floyds
      Munster, Munster, IN