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Jun 8, 2010 07:22 PM

Where to eat in Massillon, Canton, Akron, Ravenna, OH?

I've got some business in Massillon, Ohio next week, and I will obviously need to find somewhere to eat. I will be staying at the Hampton inn in downtown Massillon, and I'd like to find good local places rather than rely on the usual traveler's chain food. Examining maps, it looks like Massillon is close by Canton and Akron, so any suggestions there would help, too. I'll be heading out through Ravenna, and would want to find some lunch before I hit the turnpike. All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Massillon is a chow wasteland but Canton is a little better. The best thing that Massillon has to offer is the usual chain restaurants, but there is a small chain of BBQ restaurants(Old Carolina BBQ) that has good ribs, decent pulled pork and brisket, but I think that their Brunswick stew is their best menu item.

    I hope that chowhounds from Canton reply because my knowledge is slightly lacking.

    Akron has Ken Stewart's grill, good pizza at Luigi's, passable Indian on the west side and the local oddity of Serbian style fried chicken in Barberton.

    Wooster is 30 miles to the west and offers Amish served family style, good Greek food at matzos, steaks and chops at TJs, and the South Market Bistro.

    South Market Bistro
    151 S Market St, Wooster, OH 44691

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      I 2nd the recommendation for Luigi's in Akron, but can't help you with the other locations.

    2. Ken Stewarts is good. A bit pricey. The Loyal Oak Tavern in ?? used to be great-haven't been in years. Good luck.

      Loyal Oak Tavern Restaurant
      3044 Wadsworth Rd, Norton, OH 44203

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        The Loyal Oak Tavern at on Cleveland Massillon road at 261 in Copley/Norton. The Diamond grill in Akron is known for good steaks.

        John's Bar in Canton is reliably good food , as is Benders tavern. Federli's restaurant is also recommended.

        Loyal Oak Tavern Restaurant
        3044 Wadsworth Rd, Norton, OH 44203

      2. I bookmarked this thread a while ago. Hopefully it will help you.

        1. There is not a lot in Ravenna but there is plenty in Kent. For a nice dinner try the Pufferbelly, an old train station or Henry Wahner's for good German food; it looks like a dump on the outside but they make a fine schnitzel (warning: IIRC, they don't take credit cards). If you feel like spending a few hours reading the biggest menu you've ever seen, go to Mike's Place, very likely the only restaurant in town with a full-size replica of an X-wing fighter from Star Wars crashed into the side of the building.

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            I would add Taco Tontos to the list of fun Kent places. I never thought to pair sweet potatoes with black beans in a burrito until I ate here.

            Taco Tonto's
            123 Franklin Ave, Kent, OH 44240

          2. Can you tell us a bit more about what you're looking for in terms of price, cuisine, atmosphere, distance from Massillon you're willing to travel?