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Jun 8, 2010 06:20 PM

70th Bday brunch/lunch-- Queens or W. LI?

Hey all! Hoping someone has a suggestion-- we're looking for a place to have a 70th bday brunch/lunch for my mother in a few weeks, for about 20-30 people. A private room would be ideal, as there are 4 little kids who usually run around. The only real idea we have now is Douglaston Manor, but seeing as my brother had his Bar Mitzvah there about 30 years ago, I'm sure there must be something a little nicer/more current... I don't live out there any longer, so I don't know what's around. All ideas are welcomed! Open to most cuisines, but I know she wouldn't be happy with a Chinese or Indian party. Location can be Queens or western LI. Thanks!

Douglaston Manor
63-20 Marathon Pkwy, Queens, NY 11362

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  1. Just wanted to add that maybe a waterfront restaurant on LI would be nice? Nowhere too far out, but even an hour from Queens is fine. Thanks again!

    1. you should also post to the New York State board, should be lotta choices and people more familiar with Nassau/Suffolk county. Personally? I remember having a wonderful graduation dinner at this Italian place in Great Neck but that was many many years ago and I have no idea the name. classy though.

      1. You might enjoy Carltun in the Park. Eisenhower Park by Westbury/East Meadow. About 15 minutes from Queens. Not gourmet but very nice. Can do a large party, but not necessarily private room. Sunday brunch Prix Fixe $35.

        1. We just had 2 terrific meals at King Umberto, the dining room is nice, and they have a separate party room as doesn't look like much from outside, but dining room is very comfortable, service was excellent, food was great and authentic Italian and prices inexpensive.
          No parking lot, though, but street parking available. in Elmont, LI--recently featured on 7 online neighborhood eats..--very kid friendly, as well...