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Jun 8, 2010 05:51 PM


Is there any appreciable difference betw the chargrilled oysters at the place in Metaire and the one at the Hilton? Hilton is alot more convenient w/out a car but if they are much better in Metaire I'll rent one. Thanks

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  1. I think it's mostly atmosphere. It can't be any difference. The Hilton is a big fancy hotel and Metairie is an old been there long time restaurant full of hungry folks. They have a big cooker in Metairie and I'm sure they have the same one at the HIlton. I have been to Metairie but not the Hilton but I've heard they were better at Metairie. I can't figure out how. Stay at the HIlton. Good luck.

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      The Hilton store cannot duplicate the grille setup of the Metairie location due to hotel fire codes

      1. Nah--chargrilled oysters same; atmosphere different, but not the draw in either location.

        1. ive never been able to discern a difference. not sure what a different grill setup (glynninnola's post) would mean - its oyster, butter, garlic, cheese...just add fire.

          atmosphere is completely different tho. but worth it just to get them ersters.

          1. Drago's made the "Best Thing I Ever Ate" show on Food Network.