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Jun 8, 2010 05:13 PM

Romantic wedding meal for two in or around Florence

Hello fellow chowhounds. My fiance and I are getting married in Florence this September...just the two of us. Super romantic! I want to find an AMAZING, HEAVENLY place for us to enjoy our wedding day meal. I am talking about the dinner of a lifetime. Someplace where the food, wine, atmosphere, and service are each a ten...or better yet, an eleven. It does not need to be a hotspot or part of the "scene." If it's outside the city limits that's fine with us, though not too far. It just has to be extraordinary. Any recommendations would be most appreciated...:)

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  1. Villa San Michele might be a place to check out. I have no first hand knowledge however.

    1. Yes, I too would recommend Villa An Michele. It is very expensive, I have not been there but friends of mine tell me it is all that and more.
      Good luck on your up coming marriage.

      1. Thanks for the replies and good wishes...I will check it out.

        1. for this purpose, MIchelin might be a good resource, since they focus on ambience and amenities as much as the food in granting their ratings. Many of us may think that Florence itself, is not the place you would go to have that ultimate meal you are seeking - the scattering of stars around but mostly not in Florence seems to bear this out..
          Ive seen favorable posts about Arnolfo here in the past. Hopefully you will receive more targetted and personal recommendations than this!

          1. Villa san Michelle is wher you want to be. Sublime food, absolutely romantic surroundings and service that is impeccable. Heading to Firenze in Nov and have already made my reservation!Congrats on your wedding and enjoy enjoy enjoy!