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Jun 8, 2010 05:01 PM


OK, so I wanna go to both, but i'm already going to b&b and schedule does not allow for more. Sooo, help please!

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  1. This may overly simplify things, but unless you have a large group and need a reservation, you can walk from one to the other in less than 10 minutes. That means a chance to check the specials board at each, and also to have a feel for the crowd and ambience at both on a given night. The menus do cover a lot of options, since the Batali restaurants go out of their way to not overlap, so you might be able to make it a matter of your mood and appetite at that very moment.

    1. If you are in a steak mood, the dry aged steaks (not the filet) are outstanding. If you wanted to spend less money, Enoteca is okay but not as strong as Carnevino and B&B.

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        You could always hit up enoteca for lunch and carnevino for dinner. Like the other posters said it really depends what you're in the mood for.

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          That is what we do. Since our flight is usually in the afternoon, we have a long, leisurely lunch at san Marco, certainly finishing with the cheese course, then waddle to the airport. Last week at Carnevino we had the bone in strip. The bone in ribeye cut for two looks amazing though! Great experience all the way around at either one. Have a great time!

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            Great to know Carnevino still has it. We'll be in Vegas in August (I know...HOT!) and looking forward to going back.

      2. If it HAS to be a choice between the two, for me Carnevino is the winner.

        1. Just ate at Carnevino with a bachelor party of eight. The service was great. We were initially seated at a round table right next to the kitchen door but when we requested a change they moved us into the awesomely tall-ceilinged rear dining room with a rectangular table and we had a fantastic evening. The lucky bachelor and I shared the bone-in ribeye for two and it was as delicious as it was spectacular looking. The thing looks like a caveman's melee weapon when they wheel it out on the cutting board. They first slice the 16'' bone off and hand it to you with the recommendation to just pick it up and chew on it. They meat is perfectly charred on the outside and rare within. Just awesome.

          1. I thought Enoteca was terrible.