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Jun 8, 2010 04:51 PM

bar boulud [London]

just had dinner here tonight. wow.

loved everything - green and white asparagus with soft boiled egg, smoked sausage with lentils, medium cooked burger with fries - all exact and cooked with soul.

i thought it well priced - say 50 quid a head before the wine. lets hope they keep the standard up - vibrant, even exciting. and for all you chef followers, jun tanaka was on the table to my right looking very happy with his meal.

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  1. From what I remember, a certain brother wrote about this a short while back and wasn't as happy with his meal as you. But it was early days, so it could be they have stepped up their game a bit. If it's good enough for the other Jun, it's probably good enough for me. :-)

    1. I went a few weeks back. Massively impressed with the starters, desserts and charcuterie, but both mine and my dining partner's burger patties were horribly overcooked - asked for rare but it came well done and dry. The fries kind of made up for it, as did the rest of the meal, but I was quite surprised that the kitchen got a simple bit of grilled meat so wrong...

      I thought the service and price was very good. I'll be going back soon but I don't think I'll go for another burger, the rest of the menu looks too good.

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      1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

        interesting - my burger was perfectly cooked, as were the others i saw being eaten around me (i was sitting at the charcuterie bar). i'd say give them another chance.

        if i had to complain, it'll be about the wine list. very few wines in the mid 20 pound range, but i suppose that at this level of service and the relative inexpensiveness of the menu they have to make their margins somewhere.

      2. Yep thumbs up for the burger too (I got the Frenchie, which honestly was largely good juicy flavourful beef in a good fresh cushiony bun, with vague flavours from mustard and an illusory morbier). Shames the hawkmoor burger, which while less well put together, feels overpriced (20-30% more costly) compared to their rendition. Thicker crust on the shoestring chips than the light crispy ones at Koffman's down the street. But still good. And nice to have a well balanced juicy and very slightly musky/woodsy malbec to go with that.

        A very good grand marnier souffle, very light, and with too much (in a good way) creme anglaise (which could have been slightly better if it was a touch less "starchy" in texture). Nothing wrong with their souffle, but I'd probably still spring for the one at Koffman's or the Ledbury.

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        1. re: limster

          P.S. Apparently they serve a truffle and foie gras burger on weekends. Anyone tried? (I'll probably wait a few more months.)

          1. re: limster

            is that the same burger he used to serve in cafe boulud in ny? it was $100 when it first went on and landed him the guiness book of records for the most expensive burger ever. if memory serves selfridges sampled this as a publicity stunt when they launched the brass rail.

            when i went to cafe boulud the $100 patty wasn't on, but a veal / braised forerib was, which was exceptional.

            i'd be interested to know how much the fg / truffle burger is on for at the mandarin if anyone knows. very tempting, though a full bottle of gaviscon will need to be on stand-by for afters!

            1. re: marcus james

              I'm guessing no, since it sounded like it was just their regular burger with foie gras and truffles. But I'm hoping to hear first hand reports.