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Jun 8, 2010 03:45 PM

Help feed 18 year old VBall players

Hi- The 2010 Boys Junior Olympics is coming to Austin in early July. There will be lots of hungry boys coming to town. We are coming from Pasadena, CA area and would love some ideas to feed these hungry guys. Also any suggestions for Fourth of July activities would be great - we'll be in a gym during the day but any suggestions for the evenings would be welcome. We're staying at the Courtyard by Marriott on North IH-35 (Austin Central)

Many thanks

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  1. if i were a teenager I'd probably enjoy homeslice quite a bit..

    1. Hoover's Cooking on Manor would be just the thing to feed a group of hungry young men. They even have a room on the side for larger parties and overflow,. I bet if you asked them ahead, they could make room for you there so all of you could sit together. Rib sticking southern, comfort food and bbq.

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        While my son attended UT, Hoover's was a favorite of his to fill up and fuel up!

      2. Both County Line Restaurants are good for kids as is Waterloo Ice House on 360.

        Watch the fireworks on Townlake but be warned - it will be packed.

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          Actually, If you went to Waterloo IceHouse on 360, from there, head south on 360, and take a right onto Courtyard Dr. and go up the hill and park in the parking lot of the business park at the top of the hill and you can see a great view of the fireworks and the Austin Skyline.

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            Sunday morning brunch at Stubbs.. give em some some culture and schoolin' while they are here hehe

        2. HomeField Grill in Round Rock will be open by the time you get here and that place will be perfect for a bunch of 18 year olds.

          If you want something cheap (and knowing 18 year old athletes and their tastes), take them to Gattiland! Lol.

          1. This is great! Thank you all for the help! For some reason I had a hard time finding my original post and your answers - Chowhound kept crashing. We have some good ideas now, thanks to you - I'm going to pack them all into my Garmin so we are all rady to go when we hit town - Thanks again!

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