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Jun 8, 2010 03:12 PM

NYC Kosher Restaurants That Best Their Non-Kosher Counterparts

My parents keep kosher, but are willing to eat at non-kosher restaurants (if the place is not kosher, they will order fish, dairy or vegetarian options, and they will not eat any meat or shellfish).

Usually when they come in town to visit (they live in MN), we go to nicer non-kosher restaurants, because while there are many fine kosher establishments in the city, the places we've tried have never come close to matching the quality of their non-kosher counterparts (ie fish/dairy dinner at Eleven Madison Park beats any dinner at Prime Grill IMHO).

With that said, I would like to take my parents to kosher restaurants where they could eat steak, lamb and chicken, and not have to worry about the kosher issue.

As a treif eater, I'd love to hear from some people who eat at both Kosher and Non-Kosher restaurants about some Kosher restaurants in New York that are amazing, and not just amazing in relation to other kosher restaurants.


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  1. Prime Grill, Abigael's and Le Marais are probably the top 3 recommendations for carnivores - search the board for reviews & feedback.

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      I second goodhealthgourmet's recommendations - all are excellent - I have brought many business associates who do not keep kosher and rank Prime Grill as one of the top steakhouses they have been to -

      Others to look at - Solo sister restaurant to The Prime Grill - they have had one of the Top Chef finalists working as Executive Chef - Prime KO - Prime Grill's new Japanese Steakhouse, Mikes Bistro and Darma -

      For the classic old school new york restaurant - there is the 2nd Ave Deli, Mr. Broadway - these will definitely fall into the group to go for the experience -

      You can also check this thread from CH's Kosherboard -