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Jun 8, 2010 02:54 PM

Taste of London 2010

So I saw that there is a Taste of London in Regent's park from June 17-20th.

3 Questions
1 - Has anyone ever gone?
2 - If you've gone - would you do it again ? (i.e. Is it worth doing for a visitor?
)3 - If it is worth checking out - any local CHers want to meet up on the 17th or 18th and go together to check it out ?

here's what Timeout's website says...
Famous chefs take their trade outdoors at this annual feast in the park at which visitors can sample food from restaurants such as Yauatcha, Theo Randall and The Modern Pantry, take part in wine tutorials and cookery classes, buy speciality produce from beer to cheese and watch chefs (including Bocca di Lupo's Jacob Kennedy and Gary Rhodes) wield their knives in the cookery theatre. Featured this year is Malaysia Kitchen, which aims to heighten awareness of Malaysian food with demonstrations by Rick Stein, Atul Kochhar and others. The festival operates its own currency, Crowns, which can be purchased with tickets in advance, or on the day, and are required to buy dishes from the exhibiting restaurants

Not quite sure how the pricing works? entrance fee and sampling fee?

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  1. I've been, a couple of years ago, and I'd really like to go again, but I can't quite justify the cost. You pay for your ticket, and you buy "crowns", which are the currency you use to buy food from the exhibitors, mostly in small, tapas-size portions, for around £4-£7 per dish. You can also buy food to take home (cheeses, chocolates, jams etc) with either crowns or real money, but IIRC there weren't many exhibitors there that you wouldn't be able to find at any of the main farmers' markets. It's very fun, but the cost can easily rack up, and you may be queueing for a while for the more popular restaurants dishes. HTH!

    1. I have never been, but will be volunteering selling cupcakes at Bea's of Bloomsbury on Fri the 18th so will be getting in for free! If anyone has reccs send them my way. I'll report back.

      1. I've been for the last three years, & I'm going again on Thursday. Queues are pretty minimal during the week. Great fun in a group, trying all the different dishes, and there are lots of alcohol stands (eg Pimms) and various freebie samples too. But maybe not for a visitor, as part of the fun is mentally logging which restaurants you'd actually like to visit over the next few months.

        Mmmm, cupcakes. I will keep an eye out!

        1. Very pricey! Bank on spending at least £50 (including price of ticket) if you want to try a range of dishes...

          1. I went to Taste of London 2010 in Regents Park on Fri June 18 and enjoyed the offerings of Asia de Cuba (Tuna pica: tuna tartare picadillo style with spanish olives, black currants, almonds, coconut, soy-lime vinaigrette and wonton crisps, pan-seared Jumbo Sea Scallops w. sweet and sour plantains (although I didn't get enough plaintain in the dish) and habanero corn crema, and tropical hoisin duck with sweet plaintain and micro green salad and papaya duck jus - fantastic, loved the plantains, nicely rendered fat on the duck). I also had the spit roast Old Spot suckling pig and black summer truffles on brioche from Launceston Place - tasty truffle, but pork a bit dry - the spicy chicken wonton dumpling from Yauatcha - lovely thin wrapper - and Mango Phini from Tamarind, rice pudding with mango and basil sauce (didn't detect any basil myself) and rose-flavoured sago - disappointing. Thinking of trying the Cinnamon Club signature deer dish tomorrow (Sun) when I'm back.

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              I went on thursday, and was impressed by everything at Salt Yard - goats' cheese stuffed courgette flowers, smoked octopus, and a bavette steak with salsa verde. Also tried the sandalwood smoked tandoori chicken from the Cinnamon club, which was nice, but nothing too special, the burrata with smoked aubergine from L'anima (very good, subtle and creamy), the miso marinated onglet from the Modern Pantry (too many strong flavours competing for attention, it was nice but a bit muddled. On the whole, a really fun and enjoyable evening!

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                "sandalwood smoked tandoori chicken"

                yeah that would be the cinammon club alright. can't make a decent dal but .... sandalwood smoke a chicken? sure.