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Where to buy Mexican Coke by the case in the Bay Area?

Any thoughts on where to get Mexican Coke in bottles in the Bay Area? I've had Costco suggested, but we don't belong so I don't know how to check on it without joining (though we could join if we knew for sure that they had it).

Would love to find a place in the Oakland/Berkeley area that carries it, but willing to drive up to an hour from Oakland to get it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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  1. Try the new Mi Pueblo San Rafael.

    1. There's a Mi Pueblo on High Street in Oakland. I don't know if they have it for sure, but you could try to call.
      I have purchased it at the Costco in San Leandro within the last six months, but haven't been back for a while.

      1. I think you can call costco to check if it's in stock. If you're in Oakland the closest ones are in Richmond and San Leandro.

        Also, bevmo apparently carries it (theres one in JLS in Oakland) http://www.bevmo.com/Shop/ProductDeta... Doesn't look like it's by the case though.

        1. Not sure whether they'd give you a case discount, but Ranch 99 sells it in their refrigerated beverage case. The closest Ranch 99 to Oakland/Berkeley is in Albany just off the freeway.

          1. The Costco in Danville has it every time I am there (which is often).

            1. You can buy bottled Mexican Coca Cola at Mi Tierra in Berkeley. Not the case but two sizes .75 and a full liter.

              Mi Tierra
              2096 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA

                1. Try BevMo - I was just at my local in San Jose and they had piles of it.

                  1. If there's a FoodsCo supermarket near you, try checking it out. I saw some at the Folsom St. branch in SF a couple of days ago.

                    1. On the peninsula, try Chavez Market on 5th & El Camino in Redwood City.

                      Chavez Supermarket & Taqueria
                      46 5th Ave, Redwood City, CA 94063

                      1. Jethro Cash & Carry has in in their ad this month , 24/355ml , $16.99+crv
                        400 high st.
                        Oakland, Ca.

                        cavaet : jethro is a membership place for businesses only. need state board eq. number to qualify.

                        1. try fruitvale (Oakland) lucky/sav on store near popeyes chicken. they have about 6 aisles of latin food- including malt beverages.

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                            Thanks all---exploring several of these, and will update with where we finally find them!

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                              Aren't plastic bottles or can easier and safer to carry on your bikes? :-)

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                                Today I saw that FoodsCo on 14th Street has cases of Mexican Coke for $19.78 (24 btls).

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                                  By the way, in the end we bought this at the San Leandro Costco---$18.99 for a case. Thanks for all of the suggestions!

                            2. I've seen it at Smart & Final off Clement in SF.