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Jun 8, 2010 01:18 PM

anyone know of a socal retailer with good selection of dolfin chocolate bars?

tried checking their website - no local (USA) contact number. my wife recently bought a rather inexpensive box of their chocolates in new york, only because it had some interesting flavors: earl grey tea, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, masala, star anise, etc. for about $8, i thought it was amazing!

i'd appreciate it if someone could point me to a nearby local retailer, preferably in the inland empire (hahaha - right) or orange county somewhere.


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  1. Lady Chocolatt on Wilshire in West LA carries the display, usually with most if not all of the lines filled. Sorry that it's not in the areas you asked for but I hope it's a start:

    Lady Chocolatt
    12008 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

    1. try contacting the person listed for the US under the "Commercial Department" - Arthus de Bousies. if you click on the name you'll get an e-mail link.

      i did some quick Google sleuthing and sussed out a few mentions of LA sources. they're a bit of a drive for you, but Mel & Rose and Lady Chocolatt Cafe came up several times.

      you can also order online from several websites - Amazon, Chocosphere, Chocolate Now, et al - if you're up for that.

      Mel and Rose Wine, Spirits, Deli & Specialty Food
      West Hollywood, CA, West Hollywood, CA

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        thanks, bulavinaka and goodhealthgourmet. if it's a drive into the city, then i guess it'll be an excuse to go eat somewhere...

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          That's the great thing about road trips - it's always a good reason to pack in as much food-related fun just for efficiency's sake. :)

      2. I know Whole Foods carries the brand. It is one of my impulse buys as they sell individual pieces the size of a Chunky at the registers. Perhaps they could special order?