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Jun 8, 2010 12:57 PM

Range Hood: Ventahood? Bertazzoni? Others?

We have decided to purchase a Bertazzoni Range. Did the research; liked everything about it. The dealer is recommending a Ventahood fan system, but I have read lots of odd comments about the difficulty of cleaning it. Any reason we shouldn't get the matching Bertazzoni fan?

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  1. If you want a stylish Italian made hood get Futuro Futuro.

    If you want a very effective low bucks hood get Kobe. Designed in Japan made in Taiwan.

    Cost is no object highest qualiy and most effective Prestige. Made in USA

    Cost is no object very stylish,customizable,and still very effective Modern Aire. Made in USA

    Bertazzoni hood is

    1. I've done my homework on all sorts of range hoods, and by far Ventahood is the best one. The cleaning is easy, just take off the "vent" off the clips (like opening up a suit case), soak it in the sink for a bit, then throw it in the dishwasher. You have to do that maybe once every 6 months if you cook a lot!

      It's got a 5 year manufacturer warranty, and its soooooooooo quiet. Ventahood is definitely the way to go!