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Jun 8, 2010 12:23 PM

Rehearsal lunch/dinner at a pizza place- Help! Where?

I am looking for a space that can hold about 20+ people on a Saturday afternoon. The pizza can be either gourmet style or greasy filly tasty type. The rehearsal is in the Eastlake area, but I would be willing to travel a bit (Ballard, Capitol Hill, etc). Any suggestions? Any great pizza joints have a private room or large group space? Suggestions please! Thank you*

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  1. For a NON greasy "filly tasty type" I would recommend Northlake Pizza. Online at for more details. They don't have a separate room, but could accomodate that number of people I would think.

    1. I need to learn to use spellcheck- I meant filling + tasty pizza :)

      1. I think via trib on queen anne has a private area. See private dining:

        Maybe Veraci? They also have that mobile oven and could come to you...

        1. Pazzo's is down in that neck of the woods. Never been terribly impressed with the pizza, but really like the calzones. It has the space for you to take over and, if you get lucky, has an outdoor area with about 3-4 tables that could accomodate that number of people. It has drinks and beer and is all ages. Call to make sure of the hours.

          Northlake is a tavern, so plan accordingly if minors involved. Good pizza, but a little too thick for me (my wife brings me here every few months).

          2307 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102

          1. Although not technically open until 4:00PM on Saturday I bet you could get Varlamos Pizza to make arrangements for a large group. I used to work nearby and always really liked the pizza and calzones. They also do some good sandwiches. It's probably in the filling though not too greasy category. It's Greek but it's a little different than your typical Seattle Greek pizza place and I mean that in a good way. The selection is broad enough to satisfiy most from the meathead to the vegan. I'm a fan of the Kosta Special.