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Jun 8, 2010 12:15 PM

Guy A. Lepage resto on Notre-Dame?

Lesley Chesterman gave this spot a favourable review in last Saturday's Gazette.
Has anyone tried it?

I am looking for a lunch spot to take my wife (who works in Old Mtl) this Thursday for her birthday.

Other than CCP (where we will go for supper on my b-day) and Le Local.

Le Local
740 rue William, Montréal, QC H3C 1P1, CA

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  1. Okay I found the name in the legendary Carswell post thread: Les Accords.
    Any first hand reports are still welcome.

    1. I haven't tried Les Accords myself, so I can't comment, but I remember seeing a few comments in the 2010 Openings thread.

      For other alternatives in Old Montreal, try DNA, they even have a very good lunch special menu. For classic italian, try Graziella on McGill.

      Also, it may be worth considering another supper for your birthday, as CCP's summer lunchtime terasse is amazing (in chateau Ramezay).

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      1. re: sweettoothMTL

        You mean try another resto for my birthday and do the lunch at CCP?
        That is an interesting concept...thanks...

        Edit: DNA does have a compelling lunch special, and the location is more convenient to our respective workplaces, so I am going to try it on Thursday for lunch and will stick w/ my personal fave CCP for supper next Saturday.

        1. re: upupaway

          If I may butt in, I had dinner at DNA last week and was expecting it to be good but was floored by how amazing the food and the service were. Alex is very friendly and passionate about the wines he serves, he served us wines we would have never picked on our own, really interested off the beaten path stuff too. Food was top notch, well cooked and executed. It will be well worht your time to try it.

          1. re: cricklewood

            I had an amazing lunch at DNA as well a few months ago! Probably my favourite restaurant yet this year!

      2. I would be extremely leery of going to Les Accords for the next couple of weeks. While the work on the facade has been completed (and I might add that the British Empire Building has never looked better in my estimation) it appears that they are looking for a new chef and a new cook and while I would presume that the menu won't change, until the new staff has become comfortable in their digs I can't imagine that getting good food ther would be anything other than hit or miss.

        That all being said, obviously there won't be any difficulties with the wine...

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        1. re: EaterBob

          Re-DNA my wife claims that the lunch deal is only for takeout. I am convinced that it is the collation that is for takeout.
          Who is right?

          What is good on their lunch menu right now?

          1. re: upupaway

            The collation is to take away with you but the rest of the meal is to be had in the restaurant.

        2. I had dinner at Les Accords 2 weeks ago. It was a private function, so we had an adapted menu with 3 choices of starter, main and dessert.
          The evening started well, we had champagne on arrival at 8 and we were seated at 10 as planned to eat. The starters arrived at 10:50, needless to say the majority of us were gnawing on our left arm at this point. Luckily the freshly baked bread kept us going, and we had probably eaten a whole baguette each by the time our starters arrived. BUT it was SO worth the wait! The oxtail ravioli that Leslie reviewed were to die for, served in a succulent sauce. My fellow diners and I had to refrain from licking the plates. I hesitated between the lamb and halibut for my main course, and unfortunately made the wrong choice. The halibut was slightly overcooked, served in a big puddle of fruity olive oil. My husband ordered the lamb and it was melt in the mouth delicious. I tried the mango and chocolate pasta dessert because I couldn't resist such a novel idea and was pleasantly surprised. My favourite was the chocolate and banana ravioli, followed by the mango tortellini as it was slightly undercooked. My husband had a dense chocolate mousse covered in an apricot foam. Sorry I can't remember the official names for the dishes!

          The late service hiccup can be put down to the fact we were a large group, as the service during the meal was impeccable. The food was very well presented and apart from the halibut, delicious, with high quality ingredients. We sat inside, but I managed to glimpse the outdoor terrace which is beautiful, and perfect for an intimate meal especially at night as the far wall is lit up by a million little lights.

          1. Sorry to be naive but which restaurants are CCP and DNA?

            I have two girlfriends coming into town from the U.S and am trying to come up with some fun and great restaurants in Montreal.

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              1. re: kpzoo

                Thanks. That makes sense. How about DNA?

                I am wondering about taking my friends to either: Primo and Secondo, Graziella, Il Cortille, Bice. Any thoughts on these or other fun italian restaurants? We were also thinking of Zante on St. Lawrence.

                3449 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2X2T6, CA

                1. re: kpzoo

                  Sorry, just found your reply to DNA