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Jun 8, 2010 11:49 AM

Hamptons 2010 - where to eat?

What are the must-eats in the Hamptons this summer? Looking for casual places that are relatively low priced - lunch around $10 per person, and dinner around $10-20 per person, for entrees, not including alcohol. As for types of cuisine, we are open to seafood shacks, eclectic neighborhood joints, street carts, quintessential Hamptons places, and overall good value joints with delicious food. Since we are coming from the NYC area, we probably would want to stay away from Chinese, Indian, and red sauce Italian. Since the Hamptons is generally expensive, seems like there really aren't a lot of standouts aside from fine dining places. Having gone through these boards and Yelp reviews, here's what I've come up with so far.

-Ditch Witch
-Lobster Roll
-Southampton Publick House
-La Fondita

We will be based in Amagansett so we are pretty open to anywhere from Southampton to Montauk. I look forward to your suggestions. BYOB places are a plus. Thanks!

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  1. Townline BBQ is one of the best deals out there, it's on the Main Road in Sagaponack and same owners as La Fondita. Lobster Roll will be at least $20 per person FYI. In AMagansett you might want to try Indian Wells Tavern, it's reasonable and comfortable.

    1. Two things that might fit your bill - Turtle Crossing and Estia's Little Kitchen.

      Turtle Crossing is Barbecue/Tex-Mex and is on 27 just east of Easthampton. We love the food there and it is great to sit outside at the picnic tables and enjoy listening ot the live blues music on Friday evenings.

      Estia's is just south of Sag Harbor and serves a great brunch as well as lunch and dinner. I think it is on Sag Harbor-Bridgehamption Turnpike, but I could be wrong, so double-check if you decide to go. The tortialla soup is not to be missed.

      Turtle Crossing
      221 Pantigo Rd, East Hampton, NY 11937

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        D'Canela was BYOB when it first opened. Have not been there, so I do not know if they have a liquor license yet. I guess you can call & ask.

      2. Southampton Publick House was very good, just was there two days ago. I had a Cuban sandwich and sweet potato fries, just typical pub fare, but it was definitely better than average. I got the sampler of their 5 main beers, and really liked their IPA and Double White. Definitely worth going to!

        Southampton Publick House
        40 Bowden Sq, Southampton, NY 11968

        1. This suggestion is not a true Hamptons restaurant because the prices are extremely reasonable. The food is terrific, atmosphere is excellent and it is accessible to the general public as far as reservations, unlike other Hamptons spots.

          It is Villa Tuscano in Hampton Bays, west of Route 24. It is owned by the people that own the Michaelangelo chain located in other east end locations, but in my opinion is the finest in the group.

          Dinners include salads and the prices are just like your neighborhood restaurants. The bread is good and service is excellent. I had the clams and linguine and there must have been 30 small clams in their shells in the dish. The light sauce was out of this world. Last time I had a great veal dish.