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Jun 8, 2010 11:42 AM

Affordable catering company needed for Prospect Park wedding this fall

I have a friend who is running into some real problems finding an affordable caterer for their wedding this September. The event is planned for September 17th at the picnic house in Prospect Park. They are planning on having beer and wine and are pretty flexible with how they provide food but are working with about $5k to $7 max for around 100 people (not sure on this number). Does anyone have any creative suggestions without resorting to a potluck wedding?

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  1. I strongly recommend Night Kitchen, which we use frequently at our office. Their site is being redone, so there is limited info on it now, but Aaron will work with you within your budget.

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      1. there was a recent thread on a similar topic for a wedding in Dumbo that engendered many replies, which you might want to look for. It may make sense to check with some of the ethnic restaurants in the area to see what they could do in your budget range.

        1. The Picnic House has a list of approved caterers that you must choose from. (Not sure if any of the other caterers mentioned are on that list or not.)

          Anyway, I got married at the Picnic House 2 years ago and interviewed a number of the caterers on the list. We ended up choosing Charles Susswein. (


          I cannot overemphasize how happy we were. You do have a tight budget, but give him a call. Super nice guy, very professional, great staff, delicious food. We did not have enough of a budget for a sit down meal, so what we ended up with was a little unconventional. He was awesome to work with, especially considering all of our guests raved about the food and nobody seemed to notice or care that it wasn't a traditional meal or buffet.

          Five stars. Seriously. Well worth a call.

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              I don't think so. The official website says they "strongly encourage" use of their approved list of vendors, but when we actually talked to them it seemed more rigid than that. Best idea would be to call and ask. I definitely was under the impression that we had to choose from the list when we planned our wedding there.


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                Last year we were told we could use someone from off the list but there would be a charge for it ($500 maybe?). Ended up using someone on the list though.

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