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Real Jersey subs and cheesesteaks

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This NEW Jersey Mike's is located at Coffee and Hageman in Bakersfield, Ca.

Any folks that are missing the subs and cheesesteaks of the Philly area have got to visit this place. I have visited two other Jersey Mike's and they do not hold a candle to this place. I can not put my finger on the difference but there sure is one.

When you bite into one of the sandwiches they serve, you are transported back to the streets of Philly or the boardwalks of the Jersey shore.

Highly recommended. I live fifty miles form Bakersfield and that is the only reason I do not have to refinance the house to buy their subs.

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  1. We have a Jersey Mike's in Arroyo Grande. I assumed it was sort of a glorified Subway, being a chain in a stripmall location.

    Can you expain the draw? What makes them special--what is the Jersey-ness? Bread? fillings? portion size? Would love to get the "4-11".

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    1. re: toodie jane

      Unfortunately, the Jersey Mike's in Arroyo Grande is one I have been to with less that glowing reports. The Bakersfield restaurant uses nothing but fresh bread baked daily which is very similar to Ambroso's bakery in Philly. The coldcuts are sliced fresh and are purchased from Philadelphia outlets and shipped to California.

      The only difference between the cheesesteak sandwiches here and in Philly is the cheese. Philly uses Cheesewiz and Jersey Mikes uses provolone. They are REALLY GOOD.

      Try a sub in Arroyo Grande and the next time in Bakersfield, try one of theirs. Let me know what you think. You wil not be disappointed. I promise.

      Jersey Mike's
      423 E Ojai Ave, Ojai, CA 93023

    2. While I appreciate Jersey Mike's shop, it's in no way a real Jersey Sub shack. Not even close. As a Jersey Boy who now lives in LA, there's a lot of work to do to get that authentic Jersey taste. Start with the bread (yes there is a difference), then the meat (gotta be Boars Head or Thurman's). And don't forget the attitude (it does matter)

      In LA there are only 2 places that hold a candle to the authentic Jersey food/vibe (and they're not sub shops). Fab's Hot Dogs in Encino. Best hot Dogs in LA. Real Jersey vibe (not just because of the rippers). They just need to get the footlong Shickhause dogs and I'll never head East again for a hot dog... And Philly's Best, I know it's a chain, but there isn't a better Philly Cheesesteak or Taylor Ham Pork Roll sandwich in Los Angeles.

      Aside from that, the best Jersey type food is in my kitchen, but that's not an invitation... =-)


      Jersey Mike's
      423 E Ojai Ave, Ojai, CA 93023

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      1. re: mrsantora

        Sorry but I was born and raised across the Delaware River from Philly and i know what hoagies and cheesesteaks taste like. Jersey Mike's is not to be discounted as a culinary delight.

        I have never been to any of the establishments you list, but I sure do think Jersey Mike's is as close as anything else I have found here.. Lets just agree to disagree. No matter what we say, Philly food is hard to come by in California.

        BTW, I'm not a real dog kind of person but sure would like the address of Philly's Best. Love that Taylor Pork Roll!!

        Jersey Mike's
        423 E Ojai Ave, Ojai, CA 93023