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Jun 8, 2010 11:01 AM

Ideas for pesto

My wife just heated something up with pesto on it, and it got me to thinking what I could add pesto to other than pasta. It's a pretty subtle flavor and so I'm wondering what it could hold up to without being overpowered.

Also, what other ingredients could be added to it to make it a little more robust. What about anchovies and capers?

Anyone have any successful ideas they've tried?

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  1. I like to add chopped capers to it and spread it on a salmon fillet and bake it. I do this with cheese-less pesto; or, I should say, pesto I've made to freeze to which I only add cheese at the table. I also like it spread on sandwiches. It's good stuff!

    1. Just made a nice salad the other day with brown rice, pesto, s&p, grated Parm, sliced grape tomatoes and slivered basil - mix it all together and enjoy!


      1. I've used pesto as an accompaniment to roast or grilled chicken, pan-fried fish, cauliflower, potatoes, green beans. Honestly, I think pesto enhances many dishes, and can be used as a sandwich spread as well.

        Sometimes I use pine nuts but I love to vary the variety of nuts keeping the other ingredients the same: basil, garlic, EVOO. Cashews are a delicious, as are macadamias Occasionally I use cilantro instead of basil...

        1. It's good as a sandwich spread. A little prosciutto, maybe a slice of cheese, and a smear of pesto on crusty bread - what's not to like?

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            My son loves it on a chicken sandwich, and on a chicken panini even more.

          2. Some pesto stirred into hummus is lovely. And ditto to the suggestion of using it as a sandwich spread. I quite like goat cheese and pesto on some good bread.