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Jun 8, 2010 10:12 AM

Storing Bacon/Pig Candy

Wanted to make some in Pig Candy in advance for the weekend. But I have no idea how to store it. Like jerky, at room temp? In the refrigerator (I'm concerned about moisture in the fridge "melting" the coating)?

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  1. Well, is this Pig Candy glazed with brown sugar and the chili rub mix, and roasted and/or coated with chocolate, as per some recipes on the web? Then it should be stored at room temp, unless it's very warm where you are. Well wrapped in the frig for an overnight probably won't hurt, either, especially if it's just coated with the rub/sugar.

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      planning on just brown sugar or maple syrup and chile powder.

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        I put mine -- completely cooled, of course -- in a zipper food storage bag and keep in the fridge. there is no "sugar coating" as such: a lot of sugar flows off with the rendering fat and the rest is incorporated into the caramelized meat. two pounds have lasted a week with zero ill effects.

        I use the Martha Stewart recipe of brown sugar and lots of fresh ground black pepper, but don't do the twisting. Line a jelly roll pan with foil and layer on a rack in the oven; I turn and move them around at least once for quicker cooking.

        Add avocado and chipotle Tabasco for the best BLTs, imho.
        Have fun, it's a SUPERB brunch item.