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No Hangovers

I saw a post about Vegan recovery methods to hangovers and it got me thinking about my own scenario. I don't get hangovers. Haven't in about seven years. I drink quite often and quite a lot (man that sounds bad) when I do and I never wake up with a headache or any hangover symptoms. Of course there are times I'm not as chipper after a twelve hour drinking session followed by four hours of sleep, but I'm at work on time every day and function at 100%. When I was younger I always got them, but I never get them. And I mix. Beer, wine, booze, etc. The one thing I have learned is to stay away from tap beer. Those dirty tap lines are a killer.

Anyone else have this experience? Or lack thereof?

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  1. I'm the same way. When I got a hangover last year after an extended night out at the pub, I was shocked. I had actually forgotten what a hangover felt like. I thought I had a virus, at first, before I was forced to admit that my wall of tolerance had crumbled. I stumbled into the kitchen and mumbled that I had played *way* too many dart games the night before. My boyfriend and I now joke that whiskey doesn't give you hangovers, darts do.

    I'm not sure if it's age, or a . . . um . . . *well-developed* tolerance, or if there other factors at play. Off the top of my head, I drink an extraordinary amount of water (which may well keep things moving through my body at a brisk pace), and I (until recently) worked in food service, and my metabolism was ramped up by being so constantly in motion. I think, for myself, it's a combination of all of those things.

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      I am usually pretty good about downing a pint of water right before bed and then filling a bottle to have next to me when I wake up. I also have recently been on a chocolate milk drinking kick (only after a night out) and for whatever reason, it actually makes me feel almost immediately sober.

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        OMG, chocolate milk is my hangover cure too! And before people laugh, hey, it works.

    2. It's from drinking Coors Light; no flavor, no bouquet, no alcohol, no hangover.

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        Coors light and about 10-15 shots of vodka, jager, whiskey, bourbon....still no hangover.

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          Passadumkeg's beer drinking philosophy: Drinking light beer is like making love w/ ones clothes on; what's the point? And to steal a German beer slogan: "Life's too short to drink cheap beer." As a Viet Vet, I done my share of hard drinking(too many of my Buds have drunk themselves to death and Agent Orange affects the pancreas), but I stick to wines and beers now, unless I'm w/ Vet buddies or my brother. He and I may take a "Jameson Tour" in my '67 VW camper this summer. Drink lots of water, a tank of oxygen works wonders for getting rid of headaches. And enjoy it while you can.
          To paraphrase Click 'n Clack, Don't drink like my brother.

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            I just lost my father this year to pancreatic cancer. He served and he drank, and drank, and drank. I was thinking about that, when I responded to the thread. He's often on my mind when I'm on Chowhound: my mother may have done most of the cooking, but he's the one who *loved* to cook.

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          Beer for me can be instant hangover, and "light" beer is the worst! I don't get head hangovers, but liver ones, where I feel like someone's been kicking me in the back really hard. At the worst I feel fragile, like my body is a shell of meringue, and any loud noise will destroy me... but that was when I was smoking. Now I stick with wine, maybe some scotch or a martini now and then, and while I can be a bit off my prime, maybe a little stupid, I've not had a real hangover in ten years.

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            I'm an inveterate beer drinker, but if the only alcoholic beverage on offer is light beer, I pass. Will, remember before there were light beers? I have 5 children and a beer gut. I joke that when someone has something valuable to protect, they build a roof over it.
            Carpe real ale!

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              Ale I can drink, though I'm not supposed to (gout, ouch). For some reason IPA is much kinder to me than any of the creamy or nutbrown ones, which is nice because I do love the crisp ones more.

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                OMG sometimes you just crack me right up.

          2. I wish. And if I were you, I'd consider myself lucky. I've had a much easier time in my teens and 20s dealing with hangovers, lack of sleep, etc.

            Both my man and I like to drink, and do so regularly, and we'll def feel it the next day if we've REALLY tied one on. But we always make sure to drink copious amounts of water that night, and almost force our guests to as well. Hydration is the key to a better tomorrow.

            One thing I noticed is that my hangovers are not nearly as horrific as when I used to smoke. I never get sick anymore.

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              Yes, I learned late in my drinking career about the importance of Hydration and the healing powers of Alka Seltzer.

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                There was a time between when I quit smoking and the state banned it in bars. An eight hour shift working in the bar left me feeling worse than eight hours of drinking in fresh air. I still get hangovers though.

              2. i've never been seriously hungover, and rarely hungover at all.

                however my dinner of tequila and chocolate cookies last night doesn't have me in peak form this morning.....

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                  Ah yes. I've had the occasional dinner of vodka and Wavy Lays potato chips. Moved a tad slowly the following day.

                2. Supposedly eating cuccumbers will stave off a hangover.



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                    That's an amusing list - anything that will help you "vreak down the toxins" is the way to go.

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                      I'd rather have a hangover than eat a cucumber. Truly.

                    2. Yeah, same here. I've started to worry that my liver is ambivalent and has given up on me.

                      1. It's the opposite with me. Now that I'm older I get hung over on a ridiculously small amount of alcohol. Drinking a ton of water helps but I can still have a glass and a half of wine and wake up with a headache.

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                          Karen, I believe the sulfites in the wine are giving you the headache. Happens to me too. Not all wines, not all the time.

                          1. re: pdxgastro

                            It's partly that. But I get hangovers really easily on beer or on cocktails made with gin, rum etc. too. Unless I eat a huge amount of food, which I guess absorbs the alcohol. And I don't want to do that very often.

                        2. I am exactly the opposite- my tolerance is totally shot as I get older (and dating a non-drinker has effected the frequency of my drinking as well.) A few days ago my friends threw me a surprise party and I very uncharacteristically stayed out till 2am- something I have not done in probably 3 years. I had 6 glasses of wine over the course of 7 hours- 3 glasses with a rather hearty dinner (probably big pours as they were off of shared bottles, but they were good wine!) and then three more at a bar. I felt tipsy but not nearly as much so as I often did in college...I woke up in the morning feeling gross but not terrible, cooked homemade pancakes and started lounging around the house...by 3pm I was in total hangover hell and was praying to the porcelain gods. This lasted over 4 hours (and 4 showers!)

                          A complete DAYLONG hangover off of 6 glasses of wine on a full stomach over the course of an entire evening?! Yes, six glasses is a lot but I remember drinking that much in cheap liquor before even going out when I was 19.... *sigh* As a matter of fact, it wasn't unheard of for my girlfriends and I to finish four bottles of wine between three of us during "dinner parties" just a year or so ago. its amazing how quickly one loses tolerance.

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                              Ain't that the truth. Actually, I went downhill after 34; I remember the day.

                              Having a snack in your stomach and hydrating with something other than acohol, like water, while drinking helps. Not drinking so much seems to help loads as well, but hey, what fun is that.

                            2. re: CarmenR

                              I feel for you. Six glasses is what I call, an appetizer, haha!

                            3. Three pints of Dog Fish IPA, Arrogant Bastard and Bar Harbor Ale w/ colleagues after work(S.H.I.T Sure Happy It's Thursday) and wine w/ and after dinner, a little slow this a.m.
                              Ah, to be young again.

                              1. I guess I'm just not a big enough drinker. These are my "rules" so I can avoid one though.
                                Mix if you must but go from strong to weak. Minimum one glass of water per 2 drinks (though I'm more of a one for one gal). Advil (or generic) with a big glass of water before bed after a night of drinking. HYDRATE

                                1. Maybe you are allergic to the bacteria or yeast that can sometimes build up in lines - If lines are not blown out regularly or if the place you go to is very busy on the taps - that can be an issue. Lots of places do not get their lines blown until customers complain. ICK!

                                  1. Something that always helps me is the emergen-C packets. It's full of vitimans that are depleted while drinking. That always help me get back into the swing of things.