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Mississauga Restaurants/Pubs south of QEW

fryerlover Jun 8, 2010 08:50 AM

Living in south Mississauga for over 2 years and still looking for some hidden gems. We mostly see places along Lakeshore when we are driving, however open to moving off the main road in search of something new. Have tried lots of places in Clarkson, Port Credit and one or two in Lakeview. Like the Pumphouse Grille/Crooked Cue for atmosphere and food and game of pool at Crooked Cue. Antojitos is a nice little shop with some interesting Colombian treats.
What does everyone else enjoy/hate? Oh, I like all kinds/cultures of foods so open to anything.

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  1. MiniMom RE: fryerlover Jun 8, 2010 11:04 AM

    Eastern - Japanese at Royal Windsor & Ford.. excellent AYCE sushi
    Clarkson fish & chips or Oakville fish chips
    The Brogue in PC for good pub food
    Barb's Roti - on lakeshore around Cawthra

    Barb's Roti Shop
    1181 Lakeshore Rd E, Mississauga, ON L5E1G1, CA

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    1. re: MiniMom
      fryerlover RE: MiniMom Jun 8, 2010 12:50 PM

      Gonna have to try Eastern as it is pretty close to me. Have been to The Brogue for drinks, however will try the food next time.
      Keep saying we want to try fish and chips in Mississauga, however have not gotten around to it.
      Thanks for your input.

    2. s
      Super Foodie RE: fryerlover Jun 13, 2010 04:35 PM

      If you haven't already, try Spoon & Fork Thai & Vietnamese on Lakeshore just east of Southdown. Their food is amazing, top quality, and I love the atmosphere. If you can, head there for lunch because they do AYCE for $13.99, which is rare to see for Thai food and a huge steal considering the quality of the food. I've liked everything I have tried there but my favourites have to be the chicken & beef satays (perfectly marinated & I could eat their peanut sauce by the spoonful!), Vietnamese spring rolls (which oddly I prefer with the Thai dipping sauce instead), the Thai dumplings (like steamed wontons in a spicy sweet & sour peanut sauce), and the calamari for appetizers then Bangkok street style pad thai and golden curry for entrees. They also do fast delivery and I found the quality to be excellent with that as well.

      Re. Eastern I've gone there probably a half a dozen times and loved it from the first time but I did note the last time I was there that they have raised their prices and slightly reduced the menu just over the time I have been going there. I was also disappointed that the calamari was no longer tempura but breaded rings like you would buy in the freezer section. Still otherwise very good, though, compared to some of the other sushi places I've tried, and I'm pretty sure I've hit most if not all in Missisauga now!

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      1. re: Super Foodie
        c_snapper RE: Super Foodie Jun 13, 2010 05:13 PM

        i work in the area, and the i completely whole heartedly agree with all the food of spoon and fork.

        the satay is amazing, and quite tender and not dry.
        the viet springrolls is dope tho it is super greasy
        and the thai dumplings are amazing tho i question it's authenticity.
        it's great value for lunch!

        1. re: Super Foodie
          fryerlover RE: Super Foodie Jun 14, 2010 07:59 AM

          We have tried Spoon and Fork a number of times now (most of what you mentioned) and really enjoyed it, however not sure if we're bored of it, but the last time we ordered I found it (the Bangkok street style pad thai and regular pad thai) to taste kinda fast foodish. When we order, they are alwasy at our house in 15-20 minutes so not sure how they can cook that fast. Like them, but looking to try others for Thai. Tried Suko Thai on Winston Churchill and they are great but don't deliver to us.
          Have not tried Eastern and hoping to soon. But maybe now, I won't be in such a rush.
          Thanks for you r feedback.

          1. re: fryerlover
            duckdown RE: fryerlover Jun 14, 2010 04:27 PM

            I was always wondering about Suko Thai in Mississauga, finally someone who has tried it. So it's good? Completely agree about the pad thai at Spoon & Fork (Which happens to be the exact same restaurant as JJ Japanese Thai in Streetsville. Different names, same owners/chain/menu). It tastes way, way too sweet now. I had a take-out order here just the other day, both the chicken satay's and the Bangkok pad-thai were disappointing and thrown partially out

            Spoon & Fork
            5555 Eglinton Ave W, Toronto, ON M9C5M1, CA

            1. re: duckdown
              fryerlover RE: duckdown Jun 15, 2010 05:46 AM

              Both my spouse and I enjoyed Suko Thai. We've had the tom yum soup, pad thai, fresh rolls, skewers and my SO had a curry that he liked, however said it could have been a bit thicker as it was kinda runny. We've only eaten there the two times we could get them to deliver to us, although have not been inside the restaurant. As everyone's tastebuds are different, I would say it is definately worth a try.
              Hmmm.......weird. Maybe something is going on with Spoon and Fork as I used to really enjoy the food and it seems to have changed in the last 8 months or so.

        2. w
          Whats_For_Dinner RE: fryerlover Jun 14, 2010 08:30 PM

          Seconded Clarkson Fish & Chips. It was better fifteen years ago, but it's still good now, especially in the sentimental, childhood-memories kind of way. Lineups get long sometimes, for takeout more so than for sit-down.

          I also heard good things about Spoon and Fork.

          Momiji for sushi, north side of Lakeshore, plaza west of the Timmy's.

          La Felicita had nice brunch when I was there several years ago, and I've heard good things recently as well.

          Tried out the Indian place -- Tikki Tikka, I think it's called -- which is unfortunately shoehorned into that plaza at Southdown with the Harvey's, cop station and Scooter's Roller Palace... it was excellent when I was there early last summer.

          For fresh buns and breads daily, it's hard to beat Lusitania on the Lakeview end of Port Credit, in the plaza with the McDonald's and Shoppers. They make pasteis de natas, too, which I'm told are good but not quite as good as the better ones to be found downtown on Rua Acores.

          Hmm...trying to think of any more!

          Le Delice on Lorne Park Rd. for pastries, but I say that every time I post in a Mississauga thread. ;)

          2955 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M8X1B8, CA

          Clarkson Fish & Chips
          1848 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J1J7, CA

          Lakeshore Restaurant
          2390 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V1C3, CA

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          1. re: Whats_For_Dinner
            fryerlover RE: Whats_For_Dinner Jun 15, 2010 05:54 AM

            Thanks for your opinion. I love fish and chips, although don't have it too often becuase of the grease factor, however I will be going to Clarkson F&C the next time we need a fix.

            Tikki Tikka I loved, however we had delivery so did not see the restaurant.

            I second your Momiji reccomendation.

            I've seen that bakery and will be sure to stop in now for some pasteis de natas (not sure what it is, but sounds yummy). I usually get my breads/buns at Truscott italian Bakery on Truscott, near Erin Mills.

            Oh, I forgot to put in my original post that Clarkson Pump is great for wings for those that like the small fryer wings. They have $.50/wings Mondays and Tuesdays. Port Credit Pump and Grill has the $.50/wings on Monday only.

            2955 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M8X1B8, CA

            Clarkson Pump
            1744 Lakeshore W, Mississauga, ON L5J4N8, CA

            1. re: fryerlover
              fryerlover RE: fryerlover Nov 4, 2010 08:23 AM

              Went to Clarkson Pump on the weekend and SO had the pork ribs (can't remember if they were side or back) and he said they were great, fall off the bone and juicy. Have been there a number of times now and have always had great meals.

              Clarkson Pump
              1744 Lakeshore W, Mississauga, ON L5J4N8, CA

              1. re: fryerlover
                fryerlover RE: fryerlover Dec 1, 2010 03:31 PM

                Had wings last night at Clarkson Pump with hubby and the wings were still good, however much smaller this time. So small that they may not even be worth $0.50/each. We have been a number of times, so I am really hoping it was just a bad batch of wings. Being hopeful until my next wing fix.

                Clarkson Pump
                1744 Lakeshore W, Mississauga, ON L5J4N8, CA

                1. re: fryerlover
                  fryerlover RE: fryerlover Apr 20, 2011 05:45 PM

                  A bit late notice and can't find the menu on the internet, however Clarkson Pump is having anniversary specials for the month of April only. Wednesdays only is a 90's priced menu....things like steak or salmon dinner for $10 and lots of other items. Sundays only is $0.10 wings. These specials are only for April and only on either Wednesday for the 90's priced menu or Sunday for the $0.10 wings.

                  Also, there is Fionn MacCool's opening at Southdown and Lakeshore sometime in May. It's opening where the old Big Daddy's used to be. At at the one on Esplanade over a year ago.....can't remember what I ate, although remember enjoying it. Will have to give it a try once it opens.

                  Clarkson Pump
                  1744 Lakeshore W, Mississauga, ON L5J4N8, CA

            2. l
              LawnGnome RE: fryerlover Nov 5, 2010 08:59 AM

              I worked at the cue. The food has really gone downhill as of late. The pump is okay. Pricey for what you get, but all of PC is. The best pub IMO is the Harp. Much better live music than the rest, cheaper pints.

              1. j
                juliewong RE: fryerlover Nov 6, 2010 01:01 PM

                There is a little dive bar at the marina called Lake Affects. They have really good food and great bands for a little place. I second the Harp - food is very good there too.

                A bit off of the beaten path is Big Bowl for Pho - it is on Dundas across from the auto park. There is also a chinese restaurant in the chinese plaza on Dundas called Best Friend and it is my favorite for chined food.

                1. f
                  fryerlover RE: fryerlover Dec 1, 2010 03:36 PM

                  Wondering if anyone has eaten at Satellite Family Restaurant at Lakeshore and Southdown. It is a very old nostalgic looking restaurant and just wondering if the food is any good. We had breakfast there once and it was good, however have not gone back as it looks like it does not get much business so not sure about food freshness/turnover. Would love to hear if anyone has tried it.

                  Satellite Family Restaurant
                  1969 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5J1J6, CA

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                  1. re: fryerlover
                    juliewong RE: fryerlover Dec 1, 2010 03:42 PM

                    I have been but did not like the food or the attitude - they charged extra 25 cents for an extra silver dollar sized slice of pickle. Mingo's east of cawthra is very good for family resto/diner type place.

                  2. b
                    burlingtonmom RE: fryerlover Feb 3, 2011 01:25 PM

                    Any know if Natty's is still around? They had great wings the last time I was there, but that was at least 5 years ago!

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                    1. re: burlingtonmom
                      fryerlover RE: burlingtonmom Feb 3, 2011 03:42 PM

                      They are still around and wings are still great. We went once on a Thursday and it was 1/2 price appetizers. Had the brushetta and it was really good, lots of fresh toppings and wings were nice and crispy. We did go another time and it was really packed due to a b-day party and the food was not as good as the first time, however I think it was becuase they could not keep up with the unusually large crowd.

                      1. re: fryerlover
                        burlingtonmom RE: fryerlover Feb 3, 2011 03:46 PM

                        Yummy, will have to get back there again soon. Thanks for the info!

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