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Jun 8, 2010 08:36 AM

Best "Farm to Table" Dining Spot in Kennebunkport

My wife and I have two nights without kids in Kennebunkport in late August, and would like to have a nice dinner at a not-formal restaurant (i.e. not the White Barn Inn), whose menu focuses on locally sourced ingredients.

Other than Bandaloop, which I've read many favorable comments about, are there any other highly recommended options that I'm not aware of? Thanks.

The White Barn Inn
37 Beach Avenue, Kennebunk Beach, ME 04043

2 Ocean Ave, Kennebunkport, ME 04046

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  1. There's a new restaurant in Kennebunk, 50 Local which states that their mission is to serve locally sourced ingredients. Opening later this week, so if I get there, I'll report. Joshua's in Wells uses locally sourced ingredients, including those from their garden.

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      Thanks. Would greatly appreciate your feedback on 50 Local.

    2. Joshua's in Wells is great, too. They have great martini/specialty drinks nightly, all made from scratch! I had a raspberry cosmopolitan there last summer that was to die for (homemade raspberry simple syrup=yum).

      We ate at 50 local last week, and were really impressed by the food. I had the artic char, which was served with noodles, kimchi, dashi broth, spring veggies....might sound random, but it was DELICIOUS. Their crispy chicken spring rolls were amazing, too.

      If you're up for a slightly further drive, you must try Grace in Portland. Best meal I've ever had in town...and we go out to eat...too much :)

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        Where is "50 local" and what kind of food do they serve? Chinese?? also have you heard anything about a new place called Big Fish?

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          "Big Fish" is a restaurant located in Lower Village, Kennebunk, and has been in business for at least 5 years, if not longer.

      2. 50 Local is on Main St in Kennebunk, they serve an American menu that highlights the local farmers-they even dedicate their chalkboard to the farmers they source from (pretty cool). We ate at the bar last week on a whim and were floored at how good the food & drink were. It is city dining in small town kbunk. the cocktail menu is all about the classics and they infuse all their own liquors, use only fresh squeezed juice, and muddled one of the best margaritas we have ever tasted. It was a pineapple basil and so good we had two. we had apps only, tasting the crispy spring rolls, calamari, ricotta, and moules frites. all were delicious, bartender said they make everything in house. we asked about the chef and it sounds like he was bigtime in boston and moved up to maine for his wife. we loved it.

        1. BEST farm-to-table in Kennebunkport is collaboration with Boston Chef Ken Oringer...located on the grounds of Hidden Pond resort. They have two organic vegetable/herb/flower gardens onsite that they pick from to make dishes. One of their primary goals when building was also to support local purveyors and foragers so meats and seafood are local and super fresh...when I say fresh, your tastebuds will explode with every bite. We've eaten there and can't wait to go back. It's on the higher side of price point ($25 - $45 per entree) but WELL worth it for a special night out. Ask to sit in the potting shed and bring a sweater to hang out by the bonfire after...sweet spot and GREAT food.