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Jun 8, 2010 07:14 AM

Help with Anniversary dinner in Hartford or Farmington Valley this Friday

Wifey and I have our 5 year anniversary this Friday and would love some suggestions from area hounds.

We live in Farmington so I'm looking for some picks in the valley or Hartford, but can be persuaded to take a trip further out. Just need to get home by 10:00 to bounce the sitter.

Budget is not a problem. Looking for nice anniversary dinner ambiance, can be trendy and/or romantic, just not loud. We're flexible on food type but wifey picks dishes that are not heavy or fried and loves a great salad course and sinful chocolaty dessert. She appreciates gorgeous plate presentations. Local farm-to-table choices is a nice bonus. (Yes, we've been to Firebox - great place.) We don't drink alcohol so wine list isn't a factor.

(Suggestions for gifts also welcome :)

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  1. Old Avon Farms is a lovely farm-to-table restaurant with a perfect rustic-romantic ambiance. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable on wine parings, and the history of the farm and its transformation into the restaurant add to the overall enjoyable dining experience.

    1. Consider On20 in Hartford. They are doing an a la carte service on Friday, so the whole menu will be available. Great view, great food, usually a piano player in the corner. Absolutely cannot do better for a 5th anniversary.

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        Was on my list to try for a while. Thought your idea was good, but called and the only available table was in the "small room" overlooking Constitution Plaza. No view of the main room, view of the river, or the jazz entertainment. Thought I'd pass for now, but do you know what this "little room" is like?

        1. re: Uncledave

          Have not dined in the smaller room. But if you lose the river view and the piano, I would try to hit this up at another time. I'm actually surprised that they are booked by Tuesday. I went two weeks ago and while they did eventually fill up, it didn't look like a full house.

          1. re: Uncledave

            i've stuck my head into the "small room" and while you don't get the river view, you would still get city lights and might be able to hear the jazz.
            (if it was that whole room just for the two of you, it might be fun!)
            you may not be able to get into 2T at this late date.

        2. How about the Mill at 2T in Tariffville (section of Simsbury)? Small place, excellent food, great service....

          Mill at 2T
          2 Tunxis Rd, Tariffville, CT 06081-9686

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            One more suggestion....not in Farmington Valley or Hartford but arguably the best restaurant in CT....Still River Cafe in Eastford....15 minutes off 84....

            1. re: chowmensch

              Doubt you will get a reservation at 2T at this late date. They are about 4 weeks out, but you might luck out with a cancellation.

              I have heard good things at Ferme at the Avon Old Farms Hotel and Metro Bis in Simsbury is always a solid bet, in my book.

              Metro Bis Restaurant
              928 Hopmeadow St Ste 2, Simsbury, CT 06070