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Jun 8, 2010 07:14 AM

VA Beach/Hampton/Norfolk lunch recs?

Am off to the VA Beach / Hampton / Norfolk area next week for a couple of days mid-week.
Looking for good lunch spots around there (or between DC and there for the way there or back.) Price not really an issue -- anywhere from dirt cheap to high-end welcomed. Just looking for something good and highly recommended.

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  1. Pasha Ottoman Bakery and Cafe - It's in Chesapeake, but definitely still in the area. Chicken with caramelized onions and their lamb with oregano....sooooo good. The best Middle Eastern fare I've had ANYWHERE in the country so far. They make their own hummus, dolmata and baklava, too. Good prices.

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      I used to live in Suffolk so I'm somewhat familiar with the area. My family really likes Anderson Cafes in Newport News, (is inside a gardening store, great sandwiches) No Frills Grill in Norfolk/Va beach for burgers, salads and such, Prima's Pizza in VA Beach. I also like Doumar's for ice cream and diner food. When you are in route to the are you should stop in Williamsburg and visit the Cheese Shop

    2. In downtown Norfolk, there is a nice little Mediterranean place called Granby Bistro and Deli (225 Granby Street) that has good homemade food. Small place with friendly staff.

      Within walking distance of Nauticus museum and Battleship Wisconsin.

      1. I lived down there for years. There are some great little places for lunch in all the cities there. Here are a few; not in any particular order.

        Norfolk - No Frill Grill, Todd Jurich's, Trilogy
        Portsmouth - Roger Brown's, Cafe Europa, Brutti's
        Virginia Beach - Mahi Mah's, Dockside, Bubba's, Sonoma
        Newport News/Hampton - Schlesinger's, Surfrider

        1. I love captain groovies or surfrider (in Oceanview in Norfolk) for lunch. At groovies I either get the lunch special of the day or get the tahitian tuna sand or cuban press. At surfrider, I get either the crabcake sandwich or bay buger (best crabcakes in the area!). In Yorktown we love county grill and smokehouse for great Q and brisket. I love Rom Thai in Norfolk for thai food for lunch and for pizza and beer, cogans can be a great time. AW schucks always makes good food and I especailly love their mac and cheese, big bird sandwich po boy or the meatloaf for something a little bit more hearty. Citrus off of Great Neck in the beach does great brunch and breakfast and lunch specials as does Doc Taylors at the beach though it may be hard to get a table during the height of tourist season! For authentic tacos and mexican we LOVE tienda Jessy's in Oceanview as well as taqueria El Rey off of chespeake blvd. Imperio Inca does authentic Peruvian food, chicken and cevice and has pisco sours! Last, for sushi, Kyushu in VA beach is my fav know this is a lot of info but hope it helps and hope you enjoy eating in our area :-)