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Jun 8, 2010 04:55 AM

Walking Food Tours in Barcelona

Four friends are visiting next Spring and would like to take at least one walking foodie
tour while there. We'll probably do the Boqueria on our own, but would like to do others lesser known. Any Recs? Full day? Half day? Including lunch? or tapas? I'm not sure
where we will be staying, but we'd be willing to meet a guide almost anywhere. Oh and
since our Spanish is not good, we'll need an English speaker.

We'd also like to visit some of the Gaudi Bulidings, Parks, etc.

Thanks for any and all tips.

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  1. The city of Barcelona organizes market tours. Check the city's website.
    The mods gets into a shit fit when we reply to these other things you inquire about.

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    1. re: Parigi

      Try Tripadvisor Barcelona for sightseeing advice. Chowhound is the place where we obsess about chow.

      Parigi, 10 more days and Barcelona, here we come...

      1. re: Aleta

        "Parigi, 10 more days and Barcelona, here we come..."

        You had better be blogging 3 times a day ! I am nearly more excited than you.

        Sorriest to hijack this thread, I had meant to reply to something Aleta had said earlier in another thread which I can't find.
        Aleta, you said something about using restaurant websites to get a take about the street, whether it is a dive, sth like that.
        I had meant to suggest that you give some of the iffy streets in the Born a try. They look iffy but actually have great bars and great eats. For examples, all the side streets between Argenteria, Passeig del Born, Plaza Commercial and Carrer Princessa. A good time to go is after 5:30pm. Many of the bars aren't even open before.
        Bon voyage.

        1. re: Parigi

          Oops, I should put my glasses on when I read. I thought you told me to "burp" 3 times a day! That would be too easy.

          Thanks for the advice about the Born. I am really NOT an Eixample Princess ;-) although DS might be an Eixample Prince. We will definitely be spending some time in the more colourful areas. If I remember, I will even take a picture of us standing somewhere around Plaza Commercial, saffron in one hand and food in the other! Besides, I don't mind "iffy" as long as there's some good food to be had. What's so iffy about the Born? Isn't the Raval or Bario Xino at night more unpredictable? BTW, I'd like to try Cuatro near Metro Drassanes.

          Amazinc, too bad we won't be in Barcelona at the same time. I could probably take you on a tour myself. I've got all the maps and language barriers have not stopped me yet. ;-)

          1. re: Aleta

            I am staying in Eixample because I thought that would be easier with a 12 year old in tow, plus triples are not the easiest places to find in top locations (HCC Montsant is in the Born for example).

            1. re: SmokinActuary

              Aha! so YOU have an Eixample Princess! ;-)
              By "DS", I am referring to my Dear Son.

            2. re: Aleta

              Burping 3 times a day never hurts, but you need not share. :-)

              "What's so iffy about the Born?"

              You guessed right. Nothing. But the husband of an acquantance was so freaked out by nearby barri gotic that he would not allow his wife go out at night.

              "Isn't the Raval or Bario Xino at night more unpredictable?

              Bario Xino, sort of, and even its iffy part is now reduced to a 2-block area.

              1. re: Parigi

                Tsk, tsk. Your aquaintance was probably having too much of a good time at El Xampanyet. Her husband had to crack down on her.

                Dark alleys don't worry me too much. Ever been to the old Walled Kowloon City?

                1. re: Aleta

                  "Ever been to the old Walled Kowloon City?"

                  Guess what? Yes! been there done that got the tshirt (well, 2 out of 3). My nanny took me there and we had the famous meatball soup, of what type of meat I never want to know. I remember stepping over people lying across the lanes doing opium. Was that the ultimate walk on the wild side or what, which I did before I even went to primary school !

                  A/B comparison:
                  - Kowloon Walled City had better food
                  - Even though the police was officially not allowed to enter the Walled City, Barrio Chino seems a tad more menacing.

              2. re: Aleta

                Aleta...where did you come by all the maps you got for Barcelona? I'll need
                those, I'm sure.

                1. re: amazinc

                  Parigi, can't believe your nanny would take you to such a place! And allow you to eat as well! A Very Cool Person. As for the "famous meatball soup", you were better off NOT knowing what kind of meat it was! Basically, a "carn del dia". ;-)

                  Amazinc, sorry to disappoint but my reference to maps meant: 1) my personal food map (see link below); 2) Google maps of places I'm visiting and; 3) the maps in my head from months of research on our trip. IMHO, I don't think you need a guided tour to eat. Just read the threads here on Chowhound and get feedback on your choices from experts like Parigi, PBSF, Estufarian and others. For an idea on how to combine your sightseeing and dining, have a look at my food map. Our motto is "Eat well - and often!" On the day we visit the Sagrada Familia, for example, we'll eat at Alkimia, which has received a Michelin star and awards for Best Patissier. Or, when we visit the Bari Gotic and the Barcelona Catedral, we'll snack at Euskal Etxea or Bilbao Berri (Basque tapas). And, of course we'll follow our usual game plan of the 3 S's: Stop, Sniff and Sample. Sounds doglike, I know. After all, we're Hounds.

                  If you really want to be lazy, there are tapas food tours but you could do just as well on your own. Just stay out of Bari Xino! ;-)

                  Aleta's food map

                  video of tapas tours

        2. The original comment has been removed