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Jun 7, 2010 09:26 PM

Five Guys Burgers opening in Fremont

We were at Pacific Commons in Fremont today and noticed that a new Five Guys Burgers and Fries is opening soon. No date was posted either at the store or online, but they seemed to be training new staff as we passed by.

For those unfamiliar with the chain, their burgers are larger and more expensive than In N Out burgers, but they do offer a variety of free toppings. (However, comparing In N Out to Five Guys is a bit of an unfair comparison - they seem to be filling different niches in the burger market.) They're good burgers and their fries, I think, are certainly better than In N Out fries. I've only been to Five Guys once, and that was in Indiana. I'm sure others who have frequented the chain more often can give a more adequate description of the restaurant.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries
43810 Christy St, Fremont, CA 94538

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  1. I went to a Five Guys in two different college towns fairly recently. They appeal to that demographic. They are different from In-N-Out in that they offer more choices of garnishes and their burgers are larger. They are good quality. I would say that comparing them to In-N-Out is the old apples and oranges comparison; each is good in its own category. Both are recommended and are head and shoulders above the big chains, Mickey D, Burger King, and J-in-the-B.

    1. Yelper mentioned partial opening this Thursday, June 10th. I might go next week to check it out. It's in the strip mall next to PF Chang's.

      Five Guys Burgers and Fries
      43810 Christy Street, Fremont, CA 94538-3294
      (510) 353-1331
      11am - 10pm Everyday

      1. FWIW: 5 guys doesn't have a hard and fast formula, so each franchise can vary widely from the next. they're not bad (although I think usu. even the smallest option is too freakin' huge) but one on your side of town might very well be better or worse than one on the other.

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          That figures, since they've gone from 6 family-owned stores in Virginia in 2002 to over 500 in 35 states and 5 Canadian provinces as of April of this year...

        2. They are also opening one up in downtown Pleasant Hill across where the Century Theater is located (formerly used to be Fatburger). I passed by yesterday, but there were some construction workers in there working on stuff. I didn't see any dates or anything.

          1. Five Guys is great. I visited some family back in Virginia last year and ate there a few times. More expensive that In n Out but a way more satisfying meal. The fries are awesome and the decor and all the awards on their walls makes it for a great experience. I remember when I first walked in and I saw free peanuts on the shell and I said "what do peanuts have to do with burgers and fries?" Well, i guess they cook their fries in peanut oil which gives them a unique taste. It was cool to munch on free peanuts while I waited for my order too...They also store their sacks of potatoes in the dining area for all to see. There's a sign by the counter that tells you where the potatoes come from. Pretty old fashioned, unique and cool if you ask me.
            In n Out is good but you can't compare with Five Guys. It's like comparing Panda Express with PF Changs. They are both good but...ya know what I mean...
            I am looking forward to peanuts, great fries and customized burgers! See you all there.
            BTW...I asked and they open this Thursday June 10th...

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              ''comparing Panda Express with PF Changs. They are both good but......''

              Wow and yikes.

              1. re: Mission

                I'm not going to lie, I enjoy PF Chang's. It's not authentic or complex or "good for foodies" but it still tastes good and is satisfying. It is grossly overpriced, however, as is Panda Express, considering that you can get good authentic Chinese food dirt cheap.

                Can't wait to try Five Guys! I'm not expecting the best burger ever, but it looks pretty solid for a fast food joint. In n Out is good, but way overrated. I just read a blog that had it best Shake Shack in NYC by a "score" of 7-0, which is completely inane.