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Jun 7, 2010 09:25 PM

Bobby's Cafe - San Rafael

Does anyone know what happened to Bobby's Cafe on 4th Street in San Rafael? Their website is down, their phone is disconnected - and they are CLOSED. This place had many fans, so I'm wondering if anyone knows what happened to this San Rafael fav of many?

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  1. Bobby's was a great place in the original venue at the Loch Lomond marina. When they moved to town and got shoe-horned into a little storefront space on Fourth Street they lost all their ambience.

    Bobby's was never so much about food as about being a waterfront hangout. It doesn't surprise me that the transition flopped.

    1. Oh no! Im sorry to learn this.

      1. We live perhaps 4 blocks away from Bobby's. I've walked by it a hundred times. But I was never tempted to eat there.

        It appears to have built up a following from a former location. But to a potential newcomer, they never offered anything that looked particularly appetizing or least nothing visible from outside. To me, it looked like a place you would go for a burger, pancakes, or bacon and eggs breakfast. Classic American "heart attack on a plate" cuisine. There's a number of similar diner type places further east on 4th St. Perhaps their whole concept is just a bit dated....stuck in the 1970's.

        Restaurants on the west end of 4th street need to have something unique that will draw people to that end of town. Preferably something that will draw people from all over the county and Bay Area...not just those who live within a few blocks. This holds for just about any restaurant. Be different. Offer a unique experience and value. It can be relatively simple, such as a genuine VPN wood fired pizza. IMHO, Comforts in San Anselmo strikes the perfect note for a modern bistro/cafe/diner....this would be a good template for success anywhere in the Bay Area.