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Jun 7, 2010 07:54 PM

Blowout dinner in Koblenz

We are off on a bike and barge this September. Wurzburg to Koblenz in Germany. As is our custom, we finish off our tours with a blowout dinner at a suitably grand place. Any recommendations for Koblenz? Something a bit fancy but not over the top. Although please suggest it if it is.

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  1. Koblenz is difficult. The only place I have eaten that was memorable was Schillers.

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      Thanks for the tip Trip Kalus. Responses on this board seem few and far between so thanks much! We'll check it out for sure.

    2. In W├╝rzburg, I would recommend B├╝rgerspital, Stachel or Stadt Mainz for solid cuisine. A much better dining town than Koblenz, where I have had only marginal experiences.