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Italian grocery store in Metrowest, Newtown, Watertown, Brookline?

I'm searching for a true italian grocery store in Metrowest or Newton or Watertown or Brookline...and last resort in town?
Tutto Italiano isn't enough, the selection is too small. I'm looking for the real thing with a meat/deli counter and choices of pasta, passata, antipasto, oils, frozen stuffs (porcini mushrooms?), etc....

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  1. Waverly Market in Framingham is the closest I know of.

    1. DePasquales on Rt. 16 in Newton is close to what you are looking for. Arguably the best in-house made sausage around and I believe some frozen pastas (?homemade?). Deli items available too. It is small though, with only a small grocery selection. A few more grocery items (sweets, mostly) are available just down the street at Antoine's bakery, where you'll find fabulous Italian pastries that rival the best in the North End.

      1. You cannot do better than Russo, they have everything except frozen. Great fresh pasta, wonderful cold cuts including the best priced prosciutto di Parma, great produce, wonderful italian cheeses including truffled pecorino which is the same we got in Rome.

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          Thanks for the lead on the truffled pecorino.......!!!!!

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            there is also the one covered in grape skins which is also good. We paid the same but in euroes for it at Volpetti's in Rome, so it is a good deal too

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              Pleasant Street in watertown, almost on the waltham line

          2. A little further in Arlington Heights, D'Agostino's - I frequent their location in Winchester:

            1. I have never been inside myself, but have noticed Tutto Italiano in Wellesley center while biking past. It seems to be a small, Italian specialty foods shop.

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                Whoops, should have read your entire message which specifically excludes it. Sorry.

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                  De Pasquales (their sausage is the best), Russos, very nice Italian market in Waltham on Newton Street I think (Casa Italia maybe?) and La Romagnoli on Mt. Auburn in Watertown (stop at Arax for wonderful middle eastern stuff and good produce) and at Faschettis for the best nuts and candy.

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                    The nut/candy shop is Fastachi.

                    598 Mount Auburn St, Watertown, MA

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                      Casa Ditalia Imported Grocery
                      203 Newton St.
                      Waltham MA

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                        thanks allstonian, phone lady - those are them!

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                      I second Salem Foods on (correction) Moody Street, Waltham. Paul, the owner, is the best. I've shopped there for at least 25 years.


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                        Salem also has thin, pounded chicken and veal cutlets, too, and not too expensive. Great for a quick meal.

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                          I second Waverly Market in Framingham.

                    3. There is also Lola's in downtown Natick, on Rt. 27. I was only in there once quite a whle back; it's also small. And there is one farther out on Rt. 9E in Southboro in the same block of stores as Tomasso Trattoria, perhaps owned by the same people? Sorry, don't remember the name.

                      Tomasso Trattoria
                      154 Turnpike Road, Southborough, MA 01772

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                        Thanks everyone I'll go check Waverly first. Lola's is small and has ready made food. And the Trattoria also I think. I love to cook so it's the ingredients that matter. Russo's great all around but I've never seen frozen porcinis or passata there..
                        Love Sevan and Arax for middle eastern foods ;)
                        Thanks, making my list and reving the car ;)

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                          Just want to second a visit to Panzano market on Rt. 9 in Southborough. Stopped in last night and got some amazing Italian wines. Their selection of deli items and specialty pastas, oils, cookies is great too!


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                            Well, I went to Waverly and got nothing... Yes they have pasta, tomato cans, dome deli and couple bottle of oils.... That's kinda it....
                            Guess I'll be hitting Newton and Waltham crossing my fingers....

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                              dePasquales doesn't have any cured meats, but has some pasta and that heavenly sausage. It is a teeny, tiny place. Russo's has pasta, cheese, oils, cured meats, fruits, vegetables, breads, and about 100,000 people stuffed into one smallish space.

                              If I really needed Italian I would hit Russo's but in the back of my head I'd know I should head the 45 minutes to Providence and go to Atwell's Ave and have about 10 stores that had absolutely everything I would ever want. Plus lunch. ;-)

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                                if your life allows it, just don't go to russo's on weekends - it's quiet and lovely during weekdays (don't go lunch hour if you can help it, because the deli gets backed up and they do make fabulous sandwiches). If you want the best veal, i think you do have to go to Providence for it. Also, for things like scungilli salad and great pickled peppers, etc., Providence beats Boston's North End, much less Russo's. Still, I can do pretty well here: I mostly shop Russo's, De Pasquale for sausage, La Romagnoli for fresh mozzarella and pasta, Mayflower for most chickens, eggs, and meats, but the veal I forego because I honestly haven't found a first-rate source here. I don't shop in the North End because I can't park and I find I like most of what I can get at Antoine's, near De Pasquale, as well as the pastry at the Modern.

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                                  Well, I lived in Montreal before moving here and loved "Milanos" where you could find about everything at a decent price and where the butcher and deli cutters were italian and cutting like in Italy... but 6hrs drive now is a trek
                                  On my list:passata (not tomato paste!), arancinis, frozen porcinis, veal, a block of fresh parmesan (not vacum bagged), pignolis, mortadella (with the pistachios), fresh mozzarella, fresh pasta (not frozen) and flavored oils...
                                  Russo has great parma ham, speck and there homemade ham is to melt for...

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                                    i do get my fresh pasta here or at La Romagnoli and excellent parmesan, as well as san marzano canned tomatos. I don't know about passata and I get fresh mozzarella at La Romagnoli usually. can get pignolis and mortadella at russo's but i've never seen frozen porcini and, of course, no veal though the soppressata and deli meats are excellent. I haven't tried Salem but I will to see if it is competitive. You can get De Pasquale sausage at Russo's but not in the variety that you get it at De Pasquale's. The rustic italian bread is also good at Russo's but De Pasquale's gives me an excuse to stop for a cannoli at Antoines!

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                                      I would re-iterate an earlier post about going to Atwell Ave in Providence, starting at Venda ravioli, as Scruffy the Cat said. And, basically, you won't have to go any further, because I can't think of anything you named that you can't find there, and more...And then you can sit down and eat there, on a plate from the tavola calda...

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                                      I agree. I head to Providence every few months. My first stop is Constantine's Venda Ravioli on Atwells where I get almost everything I need. What a selection! It's a shame the Greater Boston area doesn't have anything even close to the selection and quality available down there.

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                                        Everyday is Sunday at Constantino's Venda Ravioli. And it's not just the namesake that keeps me coming back. With an older family member who still likes good food, I can load up on all sorts of Italian and Rhode Island specialties here. Bread, deli meats, even the guanciale for carbonara that La Romagnoli didn't carry last time I was in there...

                                        Venda Ravioli
                                        265 Atwells Ave, Providence, RI 02903

                                        La Romagnoli and Son
                                        584 Mt. Auburn St, Watertown, MA 02472

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                                    I reiterate: Give Salem Food Store a try. They may not have everything you're looking for but they do have fresh mozzarella, veal (steaks, hamburg which they grind fresh, etc.), oils, Italian cold cuts and cheeses including parmigiano reggiano, sausage, lots of types of dried pasta and more.

                                    Salem Food Store
                                    468 Moody St
                                    Waltham, MA 02453
                                    (781) 893-9874

                            2. Russo's has a lot to offer, great produce and the deli is wonderful. The Serrano ham was perfect. Nice deserts and breads as well. Prepared foods and fresh pasta also good.
                              The only problem is that it is so packed on weekends that you can barely move. I tried going when they open and there was a line waiting for the door to open! Very often the lines from the registers block the small aisles. Not a place you can just pop in to grab something quick.
                              If you can go during the week, you will do well, but I stopped going on the weekend because it is just too crowded.

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                                So, last Thursday, I entered all the addresses in my GPS and hit La Romognoli, Antoines, De Pasquales, Casa D'Italia and Salem.. and just to make sure I wasn't too disapointed I stopped by Russo.
                                My conclusion is maybe I'm too much of a purist... when you've had the real stuff and know what things are stupposed to taste like, whatever else you have after isn't IT.
                                Luigi at Casa D'Italia was the real Italian, watching the game and we chatted while I ate a veal cuttlet sandwich.. He confirmed my suspicion that the newer generation "americanised" itself and forgot about the good ol' real stuff... that he stopped selling many of the stuff I was looking for cause he had less and less demand and people wanted cheap... He laughed when I said well cheap ain't always amazing.
                                My surprise of the day was Salem where I bought a pretty decent piece of veal roast and rhum babas (which my hubby approved of.. unlike Antoine's ricotta less and extra sweet canolis).
                                I'm glad I stopped at Russo's cause I was thinking I'd get home nearly empty handed... I vented my disapointment on their home made ham and speck with a dollop of ricotta mixed with fresh rosmary! And they had fresh morels... I snagged some bison at Dewars to go with them.

                                So, now I kinda know what's around and well, my shopping list for Montreal just got longer...

                                Happy chows to every one who helped in my quest.

                                1. re: orchidea

                                  thanks so much for giving us feedback. i'm glad some things worked and sorry you can't get it all. Hope to try what Montreal has to offer. I grew up in NY so I've learned to settle but also found some things I truly like here.

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                                    Has anyone tried Farfalle Italian Market in Concord?


                                    Looks like it might have some of your stuff.

                                    1. re: justbeingpolite

                                      Not a fan of farfalle. If a place cannot shave proscuitto properly, they are out! I paid dearly for a 1/2 pound, got it home and it was a pile of inedible junk.

                                2. I just discovered Tony's in Roslindale this past week. (www.tonysmarketroslindale.com ) It is a small shop with an old-fashioned traditional feel and the best part is Tony himself. He is friendly, knowledgeable and just delightful to do business with. I tried his ground beef and sweet sausage and it was wonderful. Combined with some pappardelle, red sauce and Parmesan cheese, we had a delicious meal. I agree with others that Russo's is great, but I prefer to patronize real home-grown local businesses like this (46 years now) and Tony fits the bill!

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                                    Huh? All power to Tony's in Roslindale, but since when is Russo's not also a "real home-grown local business"?