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Jun 7, 2010 07:31 PM

Italian grocery store in Metrowest, Newtown, Watertown, Brookline?

I'm searching for a true italian grocery store in Metrowest or Newton or Watertown or Brookline...and last resort in town?
Tutto Italiano isn't enough, the selection is too small. I'm looking for the real thing with a meat/deli counter and choices of pasta, passata, antipasto, oils, frozen stuffs (porcini mushrooms?), etc....

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  1. Waverly Market in Framingham is the closest I know of.

    1. DePasquales on Rt. 16 in Newton is close to what you are looking for. Arguably the best in-house made sausage around and I believe some frozen pastas (?homemade?). Deli items available too. It is small though, with only a small grocery selection. A few more grocery items (sweets, mostly) are available just down the street at Antoine's bakery, where you'll find fabulous Italian pastries that rival the best in the North End.

      1. You cannot do better than Russo, they have everything except frozen. Great fresh pasta, wonderful cold cuts including the best priced prosciutto di Parma, great produce, wonderful italian cheeses including truffled pecorino which is the same we got in Rome.

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          Thanks for the lead on the truffled pecorino.......!!!!!

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            there is also the one covered in grape skins which is also good. We paid the same but in euroes for it at Volpetti's in Rome, so it is a good deal too

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              Pleasant Street in watertown, almost on the waltham line

          2. A little further in Arlington Heights, D'Agostino's - I frequent their location in Winchester:

            1. I have never been inside myself, but have noticed Tutto Italiano in Wellesley center while biking past. It seems to be a small, Italian specialty foods shop.

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                Whoops, should have read your entire message which specifically excludes it. Sorry.