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Jun 7, 2010 07:29 PM

Try some rose!

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  1. I certainly can't remember which it was, or for that matter the name of the girl I had it with, but one of my fondest wine memories from my early years was sitting on the docks in Nice with a pretty girl, a bottle of Cote du Rhone Rose, a bagette, and a wonderful bouillabaisse that some fishermen had made and shared with us. Believe me, for a 19 yo from the States, it was bliss.

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      I almost have the same story although I was 29 and sitting around the docks of Marseilles also having bouillabaisse (I can still see the little crabs) but with no fishermen. We drank Tavel. Welcome to the south of France.

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          Not quite the same, but Seaside, Oregon; Dungeness crab; baguette; and some great Oregon Pinot Noir. Maybe 25 years ago now.

          Just tasted a Grenache rosé, at Foley Estates on Sunday, that was really lovely. I'm getting to like this style more and more.

      1. I've already purchased over a dozen different rosés for this summer . . .

        1. Steve Edmunds of Edmunds St. John says the 2009 Ameztoi Rubentis is the best Rubentis he's tasted. I bought some of that. Plus another Basque rose a fan of the Rubentis says is better.
          The article mentions a Donkey and a Goat and that's always tasty. The full skin contact makes it very serious.

          1. I've already had some of the Rubentis that Steve mentioned and here are a couple that we had while recently in Paris, 2 of which are from Corsica and I rather doubt I will see them again...
            2009 Clos Canarelli Vin de Corse Figari
            2009 Domaine Comte Peraldi Ajaccio
            2009 Domaine Saint André de Figuière Côtes de Provence Vieilles Vignes
            A house favorite of ours is:
            Langlois-Château Cabernet de Saumur La Bretonnière Sec

            1. It must be rose week; here's Asimov's spin from the NY Times:


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                Yikes, the Chateau Simone rose is $55. Neil Rosenthal started distribuing these wines and the price of the Chateau Simone blanc jumped from $30 to about $65. Out of my price range.

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                  as much as I love roses, it would have to be an enormously profound wine to get me to even consider paying that kind of money for one...