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Jun 7, 2010 07:08 PM

Todd English's Plaza Food Hall

Just had a very good chicken sausage and ricotta pizza--like Figs in Boston (or Olives, probably) but with a thicker and I think better crust. Excited for turkey PLT. Anyone else been down there yet?

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  1. i'm planning to go soon as I work just two blocks from the plaza. i looked at the menu and found it pricey for lunch, though.

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      Pizzas and sandwiches weren't too bad price-wise-- I wouldn't have gone for the steaks, though.

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        There is a good report for the house-smoked pork with raclette cheddar cheese on sweet brioche roll at Wined & Dined (via Midtown Lunch) that looks affordable ($7 range):

        If I can get there soon that's what I'll be getting first.

      2. got there yesterday and wanted to return today. meetings kept me in for lunch, but i plan on trying again tomorrow. not speaking of the food, i loved the layout and design of the place. of the eight different bars to chose from, i sat at the grill and watched as careful chefs built plates of sliders with a mindful precision.

        i took my time with the menu, but ultimately opted for something simple...sliders and a bowl of whipped potatoes, both of which were excellent. i now have my eye on the noodle/dumpling bar.