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Jun 7, 2010 04:11 PM

Road Trip Through France: Bordeaux, Biarritz, Beziers

Hello Everyone!

Starting Sunday my boyfriend and I will be embarking on a road trip throuh France, with planned stops in the Bordeaux region, Biarritz, and Beziers.

Does anyone have any suggestions (breakfast / lunch / dinner) for great restaurants in these cities or en route? Looking for delicious regional cuisine / wine in a cute / cozy atmosphere....preferably on the traditional side vs. michelin star / haute cuisine.

On a side note, if anyone has recommendations for B&B's in these areas would be great to hear those as well.

Thanks so much and happy eating!

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  1. Near Biarritz in the seaside village of St Jean de Luz is Kaiku, wonderful eats in beautiful building in beautiful village.

    1. If you do a search under Beziers and Languedoc, it should bring up some of my recommendations from that area - one or two of them very recent.

      1. Thanks both --
        Theresa, I think we will stop in Sete, is there anywhere specific we should seek out?
        Parigi -- can you recommend any places to stay in St Jean de Luz, or should we eat at Kaiku and then drive back to biarritz?

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          Sete is difficult, as you have to sort out the good places from the dross ... but we have had some good fish and seafood in La Palangrotte, and the restaurant in the the Grand Hotel (La Rotonde, I think) is pretty good too - although I have not eaten in either of these for a couple of years. There is supposed to be a nice place away from the main canals called Sel et Poivre. I haven't eaten there, but I have seen recommendations from people who seem to know about good food - I want to give it a try next time I'm there. If you have a whole day and a night, I'd eat oysters at the market for a pre lunch snack (if you're there on market day of course) and try a tielle, as recommended by Parigi for lunch proper. Then I'd eat at Sel et Poivre in the evening. If you're only there for lunch, just have a few oysters before lunch at Sel et Poivre.

        2. As further background... I tried to book a room at Olhabidea for Sunday but no luck (and I believe the restaurant is also closed Sundays).

          Can anyone provide feedback on:
          Freres Ibarboure, Le Caritz, Sissinou in Biarritz
          L'octopus in Beziers?

          Thanks again!!

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            Biarritz, St Jean de Luz, Ciboure, Sare are all very close. I'd choose Ciboure and Sare and St Jean de Luz, in that order, as a base. Hotel Arraya in Sare has lovely rooms and very good food, by the same family - Fagoaga who owns Olhabidea.

            Sète: try the local specialty tielle. The best is from a small anonymous stand Paradisio on quai de la Résistance. Also, try a plate of oysters and glass of blanc in the market. They open the ultra-fresh oysters right there in front of you to eat at the tables and chairs right there in the market.

            1. re: lrob08

              We have stayed at Les Freres Ibarboure several times. Room #4 (l'epee du bois?) in particular is idyllic, situated above and overhanging a forested canyon, many windows and several balconies, like living in a tree house. Mme. Ibarboure (the brunette) was an extraordinarily hospitable hostess on both stays, popping up everywhere. Dinners were very good if not revelatory while breakfasts served in your room were delightful.