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Jun 7, 2010 01:41 PM

Apple mouldy at the core?

I was happily munching my apple today when I got to the core and discovered copious amounts what looked like white mould.

The apple was perfectly tasty, but now I'm a little freaked out that my next apple might be mouldy at the centre as well. Ick. Is there a way to tell from the outside?

Or is this a normal phenomenon I just haven't happened to encounter before?

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  1. I've never had that happen before...but I'm now completely horrified at the prospect. Did you get sick?!

    1. sounds like moldy core rot - it's caused by a fungus that infects the apple during the flowering stage. if you Google you'll find info. the mold is typically isolated in the core, so you shouldn't get sick. unfortunately i think the only way to tell from the outside is before the apple is picked - you can see a difference in the way it flowers.

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        I stay away from the darker mold at the bottom of the apple where it's sometimes infected at the flower part. But the white mold inside, I often munch right through it; no issues so far. Although I'm sure I'm a lucky fellow without an allergy or some reason to have a reaction.

      2. Why is everybody freaking out over a little core mold? Who was the last person to get poisoned by a little mold on food?

        BTW, if you think you don't eat mold spores on a really regular basis, think again.

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        1. re: EWSflash

          Better to find a little mold than a worm...or half a worm.

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            Actually, a friend of mine has terrible allergic reactions to mold, and recently ended up swollen and covered with hives when he bit into an apple with moldy core rot! Happened about two weeks ago.

          2. How about cutting it in half before eating?

            Look at the stem end or bottom. Sometimes they look weird. I've cut into apples that were buggy at the core.

            1. I didn't get sick, and yes, we all consume a little mould now and then.

              But it's still a little off-putting to be munching what seems to be a perfectly good apple and discover a ton of mould inside!

              Cutting the apples in half to check for the next little while sounds like a good idea. Reassuring to know what you're biting into, at least.