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Jun 7, 2010 01:30 PM

A good lobster roll near the Kittery outlets?

I am going to the Le Creuset outlet in Kittery, ME tomorrow evening and would like to go out for lobster rolls as well. Any suggestions?

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  1. Bob's Clam Hut has a decent lobster roll, actually, for a decent price. I know they've been slammed recently by many, myself included. But I was up there a few weeks ago and stopped in, and the food was better than I'd had the last time I was there. Fish-n-chips nice and fresh, crisp. Lobster roll good too. If you are willing to drive a bit farther north to Wells, Fisherman's Catch is outstanding.

    Bob's Clam Hut
    RR 1, Kittery, ME 03904

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      I didn't order a lobster roll, but the fried clams at Bob's a few weeks ago were the best I've had there and better than the clams earlier in the week in Ipswich and Essex. An anomaly, perhaps, but a pleasant surprise.

    2. Chauncey Creek at Kittery Point Harbor

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        Before considering Chauncey Creek for a lobster roll, I suggest you look at this thread:

      2. I highly recommend the jumbo lobster roll at Robert's Maine Grill, across the street from Bob's, on the northbound side of Rt1 near the Banana Republic/Gap outlets. It was really good and worth the $$ to upgrade from the regular. I was so awestruck by its beauty, I took a quick picture with my cell phone and emailed the manager a day later with my high praise. The onion rings were also impressive.

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          BTW, Robert's is owned by the same folks who own Bob's across the street. I'm suspecting the lobster roll is probably identical, the only difference is it is served on a nice china plate in a sit-down atmosphere (nothing wrong with that, of course!).

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            Thank you all for the suggestions, we wended up at Bob's and had a nice dinner, no complaints.

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              If you are ever in Kittery on a Monday night.. Roberts has half price oysters.. major yum