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Jun 7, 2010 12:25 PM

pre-K delivery service?

I was lamenting to my husband the other night that I wanted a particular entree from a local restaurant but hadn't any desire to shower and dress to go to pick it up or eat at the restaurant.
He said that pre-K a delivery service of some sort existed that would deliver food from restaurants that didn't have their own service setup.
Does this still exist in some incarnation around the Uptown area?
Did anyone use the service before K?

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  1. Could have been Take Out Taxi or something similar . I never used it in New Orleans, but did use a similar service while living in Dallas. this one looks like it's only Metairie, but there had to have been something in NOLA

    1. When I was in college, I delivered for Ponchatrain Gourmet Delivery which handled about 15 restaurants. The concept is good, but quality control can be a problem. With so many different restaurants, it was hard for a driver to look at a styrofoam dish and make sure it was correct. Restaurants seem to have a hard time with togo/takeout if it is not a big part of their everyday service. How many times has your order been wrong at the drive thru of a fast food place, even though that is a huge part of the business. Another problem is that most people want the food delivered too quickly. I could get it to you still warm, but an hour wait for delivery is too long for somepeople. Logistics are a problem when delivering from more than one restaurant.
      I was talking to someone just last week about getting some sort of business like that going and we are actually meeting later this week. I have the sales/delivery knowledge, she has the office/accounting.
      What restaurants would people be interested in?