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Jun 7, 2010 12:10 PM

Seeking creative and inventive meals - Charleston SC

We are a early thirties couple visting Isle of Palms with our extended family and are seeking a few restarunts for a few nights out away from the family. We will have a car available.

We enjoy creative eating - tasting menus, wine flights with pairings, and new takes on old dishes. We enjoy world travel and trying new foods when we get the chance. We are looking for a place that might enbody some of these characteristics in Charleston.

I've been reading on Chowhound and have noticed FIg, McCradys, McCrady's, Carolina's, Cypress, and Penisula Grill as upscale dining options. I also read about Pane Vino and A di La as well as La Forchette.

I also read that the Wreck was a fun place for seafood.

Many of the posts I came across were a year or so old and not so much focused on perhaps a creative or inventive dinner for a foodie. If you have any other recommendations or could further point me toward one of the above places, I'd love it.

Thanks in advance - I'm eager to hear any suggestions!


McCrady's Restaurant
2 Unity Alley, Charleston, SC 29401

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  1. Those are all great choices, with McCrady's being the most inventive. On IOP Huck's has nice specials with an ocean view. Most places that have nice views have mediocre food-they don't have to work as hard because people show up anyway. Keep that in mind. Atlanticville on Sullivans is another favorite.

    I love the Wreck, but it is not inventive. It's fried seafood on paper plates. They have grilled options as well. You circle what you want on the menu and there is no AC-just water running off the tin roof. It's my kind of place but others don't like it.

    You might want to also look at Oak Steakhouse. I haven't been there in a while but my foodie friends just went recently and loved it.

    Was just at Pane e Vino for brunch. It is charming and the food is great. I had the carbonara and my friend had an omelet. Sweet place.

    McCrady's Restaurant
    2 Unity Alley, Charleston, SC 29401

    Oak Steakhouse
    17 Broad Street, Charleston, SC 29401

    Atlanticville Restaurant
    2063 Middle Street, Sullivan's Island, SC 29482

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        Anytime. Have fun. This place is magic!

    1. I recommend Cru Cafe. A small place with great food.

      1. I would add Charleston Grill at Charleston Place Hotel, Tristan and Circa 1886 to your upscale options. These Charleston hounds may disagree about 1886 but I like it. I also like High Cotton, Magnolia's and SNOB which are open for lunch/dinner. CG, Tristan and 1886 are only open for dinner. I am a big Peninsula Grill fan and I love the Planters Inn where PG is located. Blossom gets good reviews but I have not been there. Hominy Grill gets good/bad reviews here. I thought it was excellent.

        Ms. Sue has you dead on with her suggestions. I like Boulevard Diner, Red's Ice House and Sea Biscuit for lunch. Red's is good for drinks too. Shem Creek is close to Red's as you cross bridge and has good burgers and seafood open daily lunch/dinner. Huck's would be great for dinner. The Wreck has a great view and fun too but I think it's not open for lunch and closed on Sunday.

        Seewee Restaurant serves outstanding low country food but it's a little out of the way going E on 17 away from Mt. Pleasant but worth the trip for lunch.

        Have a great trip.

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          I agree with all the above. Bad restaurants just don't last long! High Cotton is my favorite place downtown. But I guess I think of it (and, Cru, SNOB, Magnolia's and Blossom) as more traditional. And that cake at Peninsula makes me want to burst into song. maybe one day I will.

          Littleman is right-the Wreck is only open for supper and not late at that. They do have one beef option on the menu but it plainly states that you can't send it back if you don't like it-cracks me up.

        2. Look in at for his take on McCrady's. IMpressive.

          McCrady's Restaurant
          2 Unity Alley, Charleston, SC 29401

          1. I took my brother in law and sister in law to McCrady's for the tasting menu a couple weeks ago and it was very good indeed. The food was inventive. The portions were small so we were able to enjoy the entire 7-courses without feeling stuffed. I thought the meat courses were the best, with the local beef filet a particular standout.

            Chef Sean Brock came into the dining room to sauce two our our courses for us, and did the same for other diners. He seems to be a pleasant guy, along with being the recent winner of the James Beard award for the Southeast.

            McCrady's Restaurant
            2 Unity Alley, Charleston, SC 29401