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Jun 7, 2010 11:57 AM

chennai on upper east side (NYC) no longer kosher?

heard this from friends who tried to go there this weekend, as per a sign on the door! i love this place, so i'm devastated! anyone know anything?

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  1. Chennai, alas, has been taken over by a non-kosher 2nd Avenue Indian restaurant up the block. It's sad news because Chennai was the best kosher Indian in town.

    1. Hey Tarsky,

      Although Chennai on the Upper East Side is no longer kosher, the owners have converted another one of their restaurants into a Glatt Kosher establishment. Called Dakshin Glatt Kosher Indian Bistro, it is certified by OK and has a mashgiach on the premises. Its not too far away from Chennai either (only a five minute drive). Like Chennai, Dakshin is also on first avenue, but on 63rd street instead of 88th. In all honesty, I don't mind the extra five minutes at all--its no sacrifice for the delicious non-vegetarian dishes that I am now able to order. Seriously, before Dakshin opened, my family had never tried non-veg Indian food because non of the Indian restaurant owners had thought to cater to our demographic. Now, my husband and I go for the pre-fixed dinner (only $13.95!) fort nightly and it comes with an appetizer, entree, tandoori menu item as well as a dessert. Dakshin Glatt Kosher also serves lamb (try the lamb pepper fry), chicken (chicken chettinad all the way!) and fish (shrimp coconut curry)! It'll still have your favorite vegetarian options from Chennai as well, so don't worry about never being able to eat your absolute favorite Indian dish again!

      Basically, Chennai is still open, albeit with a non-kosher non-vegetarian menu. For those who can dine here, I hear its still highly recommended.

      For my kosher brothers and sisters, you will be more than content with Dakshin Indian Bistro. Promise.

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        Shrimp coconut curry?

        FWIW, I've been to Dakshin and it was great, but I'm fairly certain they don't serve shrimp. :)

        btw, are you affiliated with them? If so, you are required to disclose this as per the forum rules. And heck, it would be cool if you conveyed the kosher Chennai requests to the owners. I'm all for as many kosher Indian restaurants in NYC as possible.

        1. re: Piragua92

          Personally, I prefer the dairy/veggie Indian to meat, but I look forward to trying Dakshin - I hear it is very good. I heard that Chennai was sold and the new owners opted for non-kosher (not verified). I was excellent and a real bargain for the lunch buffet, IMHO better than Madras Mahal. Also a better location for me, since I have meetings on the UES on occasion.