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Jun 7, 2010 11:52 AM

Cincinnati to Hilton Head

Just wondering if there are any "can't miss" spots between Cincinnati and Hilton Head. We are traveling there this Friday, 6-11-10. We will be traveling through Lexington KY, Knoxville TN, Asheville NC, Spartenburg SC and Columbia SC. Thanks!

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  1. One meal in Asheville? Wow, that's a tought one. Are you willing to take the extra 10 mins and drive downtown?

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    1. re: dineandcook

      We have been to Asheville several times and never had a bad meal, which is why we planned to stop there. We are somewhat familiar with Downtown (visited Tupelo Honey before) so we would be open to driving wherever. Thanks

      Tupelo Honey Cafe
      12 College St, Asheville, NC 28801

      1. re: Bearcat1996

        When I go to my folks place in Ky I love to stop at the Asheville farmers market to roam around for a spell. Next trip I am going to stop in Columbia SC at Pawley;s Porch on the way back. The burgers look so good.
        Littons is a good choice in the Knoxville area.
        You could get off the corbin Ky exit and have a chili dog at the old aw drive good!

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          If you're in a pinch for time, honestly the best place is the Earth Fare on Tunnel Road. It's right off of 240 and 10 mins away from I-40/I-26. It has tons of cafeteria-style options and many of them are made with local ingredients.

          If you're willing to spend an hour or so, there are literally tons of options ranging from ethnic to American pub grub. Some of the best Indian food I've had in the US comes from Mela and they have an amazing lunch buffet. But my wife would kill me if we went to Asheville and didn't eat at Bouchon. Some of the best French food in the world.

          62 N Lexington Ave, Asheville, NC 28801

          1. re: dineandcook

            Earth Fare is NOT on Tunnel Road. It's at 66 Westgate Plaza which is just off the west end of the bridge over the French Broad River. The main road just before the turn is the continuation of I-26 East and I-240 West.

            There's another Earth Fare on the south side of the city.

            Earth Fare
            12235 N Community House Rd, Charlotte, NC

            French Broad Cafe
            French Broad Pl, Brevard, NC 28712

      2. If you want to stop in Knoxville rather than Asheville get off at Exit 108 off I 75 on Cedar Lane NE go about 10 minutes to fork in road at # 441/71 then go N just a minute to Essary on the right and have lunch at one of Knoxville's oldest and most famous road food stops at Litton's Market and Restaurant. Get some good country food then head S on # 441/71 about 10 minute to hit I 640 where you need to go E and you will loop around E then S to I 40 around other side of town. Head SE to Asheville on I 40. Check on rockslides before you leave. A detour is quite a delay. Good luck.

        Litton's Market and Restaurant @ 2803 Essary Dr., Knoxville, TN 865 - 688 - 0429.

        The Beacon Drive In in Spartanburg, SC is a pretty famous place for road food if you want to stop. It's about 5 minutes off I 26 going East at Exit 21AB. Drive in order let the wife and kids rest up pick up the food and take off. Good luck.

        Beacon Drive In @ 255 John B. White, Sr. Blvd., Spartanburg, SC 864 - 585 - 9387.

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        1. re: Littleman

          Thanks for the info. I have never heard of either place before. Littons sounds exactly the kind of place we are searching for. Thanks for the information!

        2. Where are you staying in HHI and how long. Lot of good places to eat there.

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            I am partial to the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, mostly because of the stunning setting, the incredible arts and crafts furnishings, and lunch menu that won't break the bank. There are several -- eat at the one with mountain views. Of course, if you have kids along, that may not work well.

            1. re: Littleman

              Staying near S. Forest Beach Dr. Would love some family friendly recs. for HHI as well. Thanks

              1. re: Bearcat1996

                Truffles Grill is just NE on Pope open for lunch/dinner with kid friendly burgers/sandwiches, Sea Shack is right in there good for fried seafood, go N on Pope to Palmetto Bay Rd. to Signe's Bakerywhich is outstanding for good healthy breakfast/lunch but they close around 4 PM, Black Marlin Bayside Grill is on up Palmetto Bay Rd. on left before you cross bridge, Kenny B's French Quarter Cafe up Pope on south side near Nassau is good and Wild Wing Cafe on Pope would be good for family. These are all within 10/20 minutes from your place I would guess.
                Chef David's Roastfish and Cornbread is a new place a little N of you towards the island's other end. He left Sea Shack to open his own and has a lot of kid friendly burgers lot of organic food healthy kind. Open for lunch/dinner closed Monday.

                Kenny B's @ 70 Pope Ave # A, Hilton Head Isle, SC 843 - 785 - 3315.
                Truffles Grill @ 8 Pope Executive Park Rd., Hilton Head Island, SC. 843 - 785 - 3663.
                The Black Marlin Bayside Grill @ 86 Helmsman Way # 103, Hilton Head Isle, SC. 843 - 785 - 4950.
                Wild Wing Cafe @ 72 Pope Ave., Hilton Head Isle, SC. 843 - 785 - 9464.
                Sea Shack @ 6 Pope Executive Park Rd., Hilton Head Island, SC. 843 - 785 - 2462.
                Signe's Bakery @ 93 Arrow Rd., Hilton Head Island, SC. 843 - 785 - 9118.
                Chef David's Roastfish and Cornbread @ 70 Marshland Rd., Hilton Head Island, SC. 843 - 342 - 2996.

                Hudson's Seafood on the Docks is a good family place open for lunch/dinner daily. It's on towards the N end of the island.

                Hudson's on the Docks @ 1 Hudson Rd., Hilton Head Island, SC. 843 - 681 - 2772.

                A couple of places you might stop & visit at Bluffton just before you get to HHI on your way in or if you are out on the island that are nice. Mulberry is Italian. Oakatie is plenty kid friendly with nice water view and outdoor seating. Kids would enjoy it.

                Mulberry St. @ 1476 Fording Island Rd., Bluffton, SC 843 - 837 - 2426.
                Oakatie Ale House @ 25 William Pope Dr., Bluffton, SC. 843 - 706 - 2537.

                Pepper's Porch is a good family place in Bluffton also and it's in an old historic building with kid friendly food.

                Pepper's Porch @ 1255 May River Rd., Bluffton, SC. 843 - 757 - 2295. LD.

                Have a safe trip.

                1. re: Littleman

                  Thanks to everyone for the tips. There were some we have heard of or experienced but most are new and sound like great places. I will be letting everyone know where we visit and our take. I am sure we will be more than satisified. Thanks again!

            2. In Asheville, the top "can't miss" spot is the Admiral. Not open for lunch, and a reservation is a good idea, if not essential. Also good is 12 Bones, Table, Tupelo Honey, Lexington Avenue Brewery...well its really a long list. You might want to do a search to get more ideas or help narrow it down.

              Tupelo Honey Cafe
              12 College St, Asheville, NC 28801

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              1. re: CharlotteChowhound

                If you dine in Asheville you could take I 240 N and then get off at Exit 4C which is right off I 240 and then you could get right back on and head back towards I 26 and you would not be too much out of your way. This place is open for breakfast/lunch/dinner and serves good family food.

                Early Girl Eatery @ 8 Wall Street, Asheville, NC 828 - 259 - 9292.

                Early Girl Eatery
                8 Wall St, Asheville, NC 28801

                1. re: Littleman

                  Just returned from our trip and we had a great time. Listed below are the restaurants we visited with comments:

                  Tupelo Honey (Asheville) - another awesome meal
                  Sweatman's BBQ (Holly Hill) - Great BBQ and a tour of the smokehouse!
                  Sea Shack (HHI) - Waited in line for an hour (but worth it) we have fresh Cobia - loved it
                  Fiesta Fresh (HHI) - Ate there twice - kids loved the tacos. A huge hit for us.
                  Flamingo's (HHI) - Ok donuts. A little overrated.
                  Harold's Diner (HHI) - Pretty good breakfast - kids loved sitting at the counter
                  Topside at the Quarterdeck (HHI) - Not bad. Mainly ate there due to location of our dolphin cruise.

                  There were a couple others I can't remember - probably weren't very good. All-in-all, a great trip made better by some of your all's recommendations. Thanks for the information!

                  Tupelo Honey Cafe
                  12 College St, Asheville, NC 28801

                  Sea Shack
                  6 Executive Park Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

                  Topside at the Quarterdeck
                  160 Lighthouse Rd, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928