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Jun 7, 2010 11:49 AM

2 weeks in the UK, looking for cheap eats and 1 splurge in Bath, Oban, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, and London

My wife and I will be in the UK for two weeks at the end of June with my father in law and brother in law. I'm hoping fellow chowhounds can help me track down something affordable at the stops on our itinerary. We'll be in Bath for two nights, Oban for two nights, Aberdeen for two nights, Edinburgh for 3 nights, and spend a week in London. We'll be off Great Cumberland Place in Marble Arch in London. There'll be 4 adventurous appetites, we'll try just about anything. No Mexican though, we get better at home. Would also appreciate any ideas for a splurge meal for my wife and I (would prefer still reasonable) in Edinburgh or London. Most of the time, we'd love to hear ideas for budget eats. Many thanks.

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  1. Oban try the place on the pier for seafood. Aberdeen try the Silver Darlings, good but not cheap. For good and reasonable price , check out the Ashvale. Aberdeen is expensive and generally not very good. If you are in town on Sunday go to Howie's.

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      Thanks. Had heard about the Ashvale. Was planning on going there for fish and chips. I appreciate the heads up.

    2. In London, for a reasonable splurge, try one of the great lunch deals on offer at most of the top restaurants. Le Gavroche is probably the best, and very near to your hotel, but I've also heard very good things about Launceston Place, which is cheaper, and in Kensington. You might also consider The Ledbury or The Harwood Arms.

      For cheap eats, you are close to the Edgeware Road, which is full of Middle Eastern restaurants. I can't recommend any personally, but I'm sure others can. There is also a Burmese restaurant called Mandalay which many people rate, which is a probably a short bus ride from Marble Arch down the Edgeware Road.

      As you're foodies, you'll probably be going to Borough Market, where you can try lots of things for free. The Market Porter is good for a pint of beer, and I really like Zucca which is probably a ten-fifteen minute walk away on Bermondsey Street for good, reasonably priced Italian food. The same people run Maltings Cafe, which will be cheaper and more casual, also near Borough Market. For a more upmarket meal, Magdalen serves very good modern British food, also in that area.

      Other central places to consider: Great Queen Street (modern British), Terroirs, Giaconda Dining Rooms; Koya (udon noodles), Plum Valley (my Asian friend rates their dim sum); Mooli (Indian roti snacks).

      There really are a lot of options in London, especially if you're prepared to travel out of the centre!

      1. We were set for a trip to Bath last year but it, unfortunately, did not come to pass. Our B&B owner told me to book meals ahead as it's often difficult to find a table, especially during the busy, tourist season. I'm not sure how accurate the advice is, but it might be a good idea.

        In Edinburgh, The Kitchen is a very popular spot - good food by a well-known chef.

        1. Oban - for good value seafood - you'll need to book now if you want lunch food they run a green shed on the pier with sandwiches, crab claws etc. Other restaurants - Coast, Eeusk, Waterfront are similar in my mind, Coast less seafoody than the other two. For budget option you could eat in the Waterfront bar.

          Edinburgh - the dogs is the usual budget option. For non british food I'm not sure what Edinburgh could provide that would be better and cheaper than London. Maybe this would be the opportunity for a splurge meal but I don't know how the ones in Edinburgh compare to London.

          1. the olive tree in bath is very good., i also ate at the wheatsheaf which is a taxi-ride out of town and has a beautiful setting. not as polished but given the views from their beer garden i'd happily go back. full review s on my blog (incl info about an affordable b&b if you need somewhere to stay)