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Jun 7, 2010 11:43 AM

Eel: where to buy/best in town?

Hey all, so after becoming a huge fan of Japanese barbecue eel(unagi) I naturally wanted to see if I could replicate the taste at home.
I have been to Uwajimaya in beaverton, as well as H-Mart in Tigard. The majority of eel I come across is already cooked as well as covered with the sauce (which consists of mirin, sake and soysauce.)

*Is there a good place to get either fresh eel or at the very least, some that isnt already cooked?*
is there simply not enough demand for eel? where do all these restaurants get THEIR eel?

My dad got a nice new grill for his birthday and I want to test my grilling skills with some fairly delicate eel.

Thanks in advance, and If you have ever sampled a restaurant which you thought was worth mentioning, please don't hesitate!

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  1. You could try calling ABC Seafood - (503) 771-5802‎ or OM Seafood 503-788-1984 or Newman's Fish Co‎ (503) 227-2700‎ or Fubonn Supermarket (503) 517-8877‎

    I've not tried to buy uncooked eel before but these are the best bets that you have not mentioned already

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      I was going to try Fubon next. Thanks for the tips! I'm sure one of these places will work.

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        Be careful with fresh eel. My friend's mom had the funniest story where she was on the phone with her sister, and the sister was cooking eel for Christmas Eve dinner (she had married into an Italian family). The sister suddenly goes 'oh no, I have to call you back.'. And my friend's mom says 'what happened?'. The sister replies 'the darn eel jumped out of the pot and I have to go catch it!' LOL :-)