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Where can I find Chinese sesame candy
It was served at Chinese restaurants after dinner
Candy is soft and sweet of a dark color like molasses without nuts
Small squares sprinkled with sesame seeds.
Would appreciate info where to buy on line possibly.

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  1. Where are you looking? Northern New England is pretty big.

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    1. re: the_MU

      Well Hello
      And thank you for your answer, well I'm in Atkinson NH. Salem NH very close by where Bob Loo's used to be, a wonderful Chinese Restaurant which no longer is there, closed quite a few yrs. ago. The candy I'm searching for is soft not chewy, a dark color, sweet but not too.
      Surrounded by sesame seeds, awsome!
      I did see on the net but lost the file so searching again.

      1. re: the_MU

        I used to live in Manchester, N.H. but now I'm in Hollywood, Florida

        1. re: layladawg

          I can't believe you are looking for the same 'after dinner' treat. I too came from Manchester, NH. My mother took me to a place called the "Good Earth' a Chinese restaurant on Elm St..
          Now live in NJ, close to NYC, and have asked several people about those Sesame covered Honey Jells. I recall them being about 1/2" wide and about 3 " long.

          Dave Bergeron

          1. re: marine101

            Well hello
            No I have not found it at all but did see on the internet and forgot to take down info. Well I believe one can find in Boston, Mass in China Town. I will find it and when I do will post on here. I love this candy, darn it all too bad the "Bob Lou" restaurant in Salem, NH decided to retire best Chinese food ever.

            China Town
            104 Main St, Topsham, ME 04086

            1. re: marine101

              Well I'm not the only one that has a mouth a bit watery. I will find this candy if it kills me. Best ever. Never heard of "Good Earth", been to Manchester only not that often. NJ, I have a couple friends there, teachers in fact Been to NH quite a few times.
              Take care.

              1. re: strawberry drago

                It has been over a year since I've started my quest...still no luck. A very close friend of mine, Lap Lee, has been combing China Town in NYC, and has sent me several candies that have some close to what I attempted to describe to him, but still not that New England after dinner treat! A Greek candy called Pasteli approaches the item.
                It can be hard like 'brittle' type candy of soft and chewy. I'm not convinced it will be close. I still think the recipe must have some form of gelatin like substance in the mix to give it the jelly like texture. Lap Lee told me that recipes are closely guarded secrets, seldom written down, but rather passed on from mouth to mouth. There has to be someone out there with the recipe. Come out, come out where ever your are !!!

                1. re: marine101

                  It's funny. We ate at the same restaurant but I don't remember the candy at all. I remember it from even earlier days when I was very young and my grandparents took me to a Chinese restaurant in or near Lynn, MA. Yes, it was very soft. Good luck on your quest. We like the sesame candy with peanuts that we can usually find at Lo's market in Portsmouth but it's not what you are looking for.

                  1. re: dfrostnh

                    I would be interested in finding that candy as well. I'm in the Boston area and have only been able to find the brittle version as well. Flavor is the same but the texture totally misses it.

            2. re: layladawg

              Lucky you, I shall be heading towards Florida in Aug, moving, can't wait, New England weather don't care for except.......love to create snowmen and hope they come alive in the morning like Pinoccio. Love hot Florida weather.

              1. re: layladawg

                I'm a Manchester native...our family loved this candy! Since we moved to Hollywood, FL, then Plantation many years ago, we have not seen it at any Chinese places in So. Florida. It would be great to find it again. Let's all keep up the search!

                1. re: FloridaFlamingo

                  Hi - my name is Dave Bergeron. I'm trying to put a recipe together to duplicate the item.
                  Moved from NH in 1967, for a position in NJ. Still here...miss NH lakes! Will keep you posted as to my progress.

              2. re: the_MU

                I had my wedding reception at Bob Loos in Salem in 1972. lol
                They used to make the candy and I'd buy five pounds at a time. I sure would like to find out where I can get it. I visit New Hampshire most summers.

                1. re: layladawg

                  Well as mentioned in previous post, when I find it will post it. Have not been on this site for months and months, writing a book takes a lot of time.
                  Well we can imagine eating it, my mouth is watering.

                  1. re: layladawg

                    Me too! Always bought bags and bags, delicious! I want some right now.

                  2. re: the_MU

                    I'm looking in Manchester, N.H.

                    1. re: layladawg

                      Hope you find and inform us all, we are in for the treat.

                    2. re: the_MU

                      Well, let's see restaurant used to be in Salem, NH now its Pocaris. I've checked Portsmouth, NH
                      Lee, Epping, Exeter.

                    3. I find several varieties at different times at oriental markets such as Los in Portsmouth NH (near Fox Run Mall) and Saigon Asian Market in Manchester NH. But we usually get the kind with peanuts. Most are pretty chewy. As a young child I remember a very soft, jelly-like candy served after meals in a Chinese restaurant my grandparents to me to in or near Lynn MA. I haven't found the very soft kind.

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                        Hello and thank you for your reply. I shall check out Los in Portsmouth which is about 1/2 hr where I reside and do travel there, hope I can find this candy, its so darn good. I have a recipie for the hard crunchy kind.

                        1. re: dfrostnh

                          I am personally experimenting with a recipe given by a chinese waiter I was friendly with many years ago. I have tried unsuccessfully but very close to making what I think you and I agree on as having in the Boston area. I did have some from a lovely chinese woman in Falmouth who use to get it for me from a bakery in Chinatown in Boston but I can not find the bakery and no one wants to make it because it is labor intensive packaging it. I will keep trying the recipe I have which I have alterred several times already and it is getting better but not correct yet. Will share it when good enough. DHZ

                          1. re: dhzeppy

                            That will be great! I'm sure all of us interested want to jaw this candy for sure.

                            1. re: dhzeppy

                              How about an update on your latest recipe? We are all waiting......this could be a Gold Mine for you!

                              1. re: dhzeppy

                                Can (or will) you share what you have for a recipe? I too have been searching for THE recipe.

                              2. re: dfrostnh

                                Yes, the soft kind, a bit dark like molassas, ses seeds all over, the nutty candy is good also but nothing like the usual.

                              3. Did you ever find the candy? I'd love to buy some. I used to get it at a chinese restaurant in Brookline MA

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                                1. re: Philly Prof

                                  No have not yet, but will post when I do, I just know I will come across it though been searching for years. Bob Lou's left a long time ago.

                                  1. re: Philly Prof

                                    Never gone to Brooklyn, Mass., and no have not yet, when I do will post here so we all can enjoy, would it not be surprising if all of us happen to be at the same store, same time? Doubt this would occur thought just came to me. Well, on with the search, internet and browsing stores.

                                  2. I Think I have seen it at VT Country Store...have you tried them?

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                                    1. re: madisoneats

                                      I have not been to VT in a few years and don't expect to travel there anytime soon in fact not at all, have plans to move to Florida in near future. In VT would pick up gallons of maple syrup and cheese cake. Since then make my own cheese cake and it is like one bought. Not the maple though, need a tree.

                                      1. re: madisoneats

                                        Are you sure it is not the Greek Pasteli Bar?

                                      2. It's funny, we had mostlly take-out from Bob Loo's and the few times we actually ate at the restaurant my parents never branched out from chop suey. I don't remember the candy there. Yesterday, at Saigon Asian Market on S. Maple St in Manchester I found a soft sesame candy in the refrigerated section at the back of the store. It's not the same as you are looking for. This had a white inside with a dark middle (possibly red bean paste). The label said sesame mochi. It's very tasty ... about 1" wide x 3" long. The candy I remember from Lynn MA area 50+ years ago was honey colored. I haven't seen this candy in the market before. It might be new. I don't get in very often so maybe it's not available all the time.

                                        1. When I was a child in Woods Hole, MA, late 50's, we'd get Chinese food in Boston and they'd always have those soft sesame candies; I have never found them since. Would love to have some again.

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                                          1. re: walker

                                            If my quest was not substantiated by accounts such as yours, I would start to wonder if this whole venture was a hallucination! As I said in an earlier reply, I have a Chinese friend from the NYC area, and he had never seen or experienced those sesame treats. He has looked all over for me, and still nothing. There has to be someone out there with the answer......

                                            1. re: marine101

                                              A while back, there was a thread on the Boston Board looking for this same candy. No one ever found it then either. I remember this candy well. As a kid, I use to see how far I could stretch it out. My mom loved it with tea. A few years ago, I did find something very close to it at the Middle Eastern stores in Watertown MA. Here is the link to the Boston Board posting

                                              1. re: catsmeow

                                                Hi Cat....there are several folks looking for the candy. The Greek folks make something
                                                called Pasteli, which can be made either 'soft' or 'brittle like'. A few folks out there are trying to duplicate the recipe. I too and trying. I can't believe this is such a problem. As a matter of fact, yesterday I was on the internet all day, trying to zero in on any clues....nothing!
                                                Lot's of folks remember it, but no paydirt! I'm starting to think the recipe will be more difficult to find than the 'Golden Fleece'.....

                                            1. re: drewinmrblhd

                                              That's a different type of candy. The Chinese one is soft and squishy.

                                              1. re: drewinmrblhd

                                                That is ALL crunch type candy. The one we seek is JELLY like, rolled in sesame seeds.

                                              2. I'm hunting, too!! My daughter gave me the soft, gel-like version at Christmas last year. I know the store from where she obtained it, but they haven't stocked it since. I'm hoping this Christmas they'll return. In the meantime, what do you think of this recipe? Would it be close? I'm wondering if the water chestnut flour makes it gel somehow...

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                                                1. re: Shankins123

                                                  This recipe is not it. If you read it carefully, the recipe will produce a nougat style of candy.
                                                  Here are the ingredients from the package I have: Tapioca flour, Wheat flour, Sugar, Malt Sugar, Water, US Corn Oil, Sesame Seeds. I'm surprised about the flour...but the candy I have here is just like the one I remember as a youngster. It is Imported and Distributed by AMS Import Corp, NY (Brooklyn) 11223. I have tried in vain sending them emails. They do not answer.

                                                  1. re: Shankins123

                                                    Check out this exporter from Vietnam:


                                                    This looks like the candy I have.

                                                    1. re: marine101

                                                      That one has only sesame, sugar, tapioca starch, and peanut...would it gel??
                                                      The ones I received were smallish rectangles, each individually packaged. I didn't have the original packaging as mine were in my Christmas stocking. Hmm...

                                                  2. I also remember the soft sesame candy from Bob Loo's when I was a kid. I think I found the candy you are looking for. Do a google search for "tong san soft sesame candy". It is from Taiwan. They sell this candy in a store called Lotus Gifts in the Museum Place Mall in Salem, MA. Hope this is what you are looking for.

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                                                    1. re: mbroui

                                                      It does look like it but one of the ingredients is peanuts and there weren't any peanuts in the one I remember. I have to get up to the Salem area in the next month or 2 and will track them down anyway. You never know. Thanks for the heads up. I'll report back.

                                                    2. I'm not sure if this is the candy you are looking for, but I was at Hong Cuc market in Lowell, MA yesterday afternoon picking up a bahn mi sandwich, and some other goodies.

                                                      Picture isn't that good, and not sure why I even took it of the candy, but they had some really good looking beef jerky which i haven't tried yet.

                                                      1. My Vietnamese grocery did not carry the soft sesame candy I received from there last year - I did get a very flat round version of it (Me Xung Hue...Coconut Tree Brand). That will just have to suffice for now - it's very close, but I did enjoy the little rectangles from last year.
                                                        Infomaniac...thanks for posting the picture of what you found. Is there a recognizable brand name you could list?

                                                        1. Hey all - I've been checking this thread every so often for a couple years(!) now, though always just lurked in the background. Bob Loo's was probably our favorite restaurant as kids (Pupu platter = fire = awesome). I remember disliking the sesame candy as a very young boy, but then one day realizing it was, like, the greatest thing ever.

                                                          I've been hunting around myself, still with no luck. I can definitely say that the Tong San Soft Sesame Candy that can be found in Asian markets is definitely NOT the stuff.

                                                          Y'know, if a former Bob Loo's employee were to start selling the stuff on eBay, he'd make a fortune. At this point, I've been looking so long that I'm prepared to pay even ridiculous prices for the stuff.

                                                          So... Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

                                                          1. Not sure if anyone is still checking out this thread. I too have been looking for soft sesame candy (I had them several time in France in chinese restaurants but can't put my hand on any in nyc). Assuming we are looking for the same candies, here is what I found so far. For one, they are actually not Chinese, but Vietnamese. They are called Keo Me Xung. Now it's about finding a vietnamese market or restaurant that serves them... good luck.

                                                            1. Have been reading with some interest as I too am searching for the recipe. Amongst the Malaysian / Singaporean Chinese , these candies are a traditional candy of the Teo Chew dialect group who use these as betrothal gifts traditionally given from the groom to the bride's family during their engagement ceremony together with the dowry. They are known as 'Meng Thng' or if of the variety filled with ground peanuts,'Ak Am', meaning Duck's Neck (soft on the outside, nuts inside like the bone of the duck, terrible analogy but what can u do!) . You can find them in small Chinese shops towns along the west coast of Malaysia and in Singapore. They getting rarer as young Teochews are not taking over these traditions.

                                                              1. Found a picture of what the sesame candy looked like when I used to get at the Chinese restaurant. Supposedly you can buy it at Makot Pech Asian Market in Portland Maine