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Jun 7, 2010 10:46 AM

Need advise from fellow hounds! Can I fix my screw-up? [moved from Greater Boston board]

I did something rather stupid: bought groupons for two huge sushi platters at Sea to You planning to serve it to a party I am having in the end of the month. But when I called to find out when I need to place my order (day in advance), I noticed that they are closed on Sunday. And my party is on Sunday!!!!! Not sure what to do now. I really counted on serving this sushi. I cannot put them in the fridge, can I?

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  1. I think I'd get a few bags of ice and set the sushi trays on them in the fridge. Keep the trays tightly sealed with plastic.

    Maybe not ideal; but making the best out of the situation. You want to minimize any deterioration in freshness.

    Supermarkets or Sea to You is not serving you fresh sliced fish're just storing it a little longer.

    Please report back. I haven't made it to the new Sea to You yet.

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      To be honest, it depends a lot on what kind of rolls you are getting. Avocado won't hold up overnight. You better wrap it up tight too, rice can lose its fluff quick.


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        for now I wrote them a pleading email and they promised to think it over. They sound accomodating so I feel a little better. But leason learned about these groupons!

      2. sorry, I cannot type today