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Jun 7, 2010 10:42 AM

Restaurants off I-95 in Delaware?

My wife and I will be driving down I-95 on Friday and we usually start thinking about lunch when we hit Delaware. Any decent places not too far off the interstate anyone recommends?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Domaine Hudson in Wilmington.

    1. For relative ez access, I'd likely go for Big Fish, Iron Hill or Harry's Seafood all by the river. In the Riverfront Market, Harry's has a stand with good fish sandwiches too. Parking is easy and free at any of those. If you need soft ice cream, get off 141 south for about a minute to Dairy Palace. Border Cafe is at the Churchman's Crossing exit for good cheap Cajun or Mexican food.

      Dairy Palace
      2 Jay Dr, New Castle, DE 19720

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        Off 495, heading South, at Phila Pike is a small, no atmosphere place called Aurea's. Right off the exit, hang a right at Darling and into the small strip mall. Prices are dirt cheap, and the food is straightforward and great. I love their Al Pastor burrito and the green sauce they have on the table is excellent.

        1. re: Misha

          Before you get lost, the right is on DARLEY Road, not Darling... There is a Wawa on the corner if I remember correctly.