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Jun 7, 2010 10:00 AM

Iowa City Taco Truck

Just letting y'all know that theres a taco truck thats parking out behind the Aldi's. I just had a veggie burrito, but my friends tied the cane asada and a chicken quessidilla. Everyone was very pleased with what they got and the prices were great, On the picnic table outside they had a red sauce and a bitchin' green chile sauce. Don't know how often they are there, but there was a steady line of customers on Sunday afternoon. The sign said they are available to cater too.

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  1. Follow-up -- Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11-9, Sunday 11-6. They run out of carnitas quickly, and understandably so. Everything I've had, which is a lot of it, is AWESOME, and it's cheap and the people are super nice. It's on the left if you're heading south on Gilbert, right next to a business called Proteus.

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      I just wonder whats the secret in that green sauce, I make my own but its nowhere as good as the one there

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        I was just in IC last week. Wish I had checked here. I love taco trucks. Maybe next time.