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Jun 7, 2010 09:42 AM

New Refrigerator-Dual Evaporators

I'm looking to buy a new side-by-side, full size and free standing, now that my ten year old Kitchen Aid Superba is on it last legs. I'm very intrigued by dual evaporators. Does anyone have any experience with them concerning Samsung and GE? I would certainly like it if the food in the refrigerator section didn't dry out so quickly. I heard the new Sub-Zero 48's with dual compressors are the bee's knees, however, I don't have $12G's.

If dual evaporators is just a gimmick, I would be interested on your thoughts about Electrolux and Whirlpool side-by-side.

I am not against French doors either.

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  1. I'm not so sure about the dual evaporator technology. But I was told to stay away from Samsung fridges due to the fact that the repair costs are ridiculous, especially since they're not a North American brand. Electrolux also bought out Frigidaire, so their technology will be soon implemented in their products (but only on the high end I believe).

    Electrolux fridges are also so good looking. I'm actually going to get the french door model, since it'll fit more stuff in the freezer for a counter depth. The sales also kept trying to push LG model fridges, which are also very solid and very affordable. Except I had to go for the Electrolux.

    I hope this helps!

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      Actually, it does. I believe I made up my mind on the Electrolux EW28Bs71IW (French Door), in that it seems to be the lesser of all other evils. I looked at the Samsung's and GE's, and I was not impressed at all. The materials felt cheap. I also looked at Whirlpools, especially the S b S Consumer Reports recommends and it seems like a lot of consumers are not happy with it. I liked the feel of the shelves, the weight of the doors and especially the space inside the Electrolux (it's not a cabinet or counter depth). However, I hear a ton of complaints about the water and ice dispenser. The water comes out warm and the ice comes out sloppy.

      I'm going to Krup's today to look at Northstar and Big Chill Top Freezers. The colors interest me, but only if it's quality paint on metal. Not the plastic casing I saw on the Smeg.

    2. Samsung and their dual evaporators are great: no mixing of air from the two sections, so your ice won't smell like, say, onions. It also allows for completely different and exact-as-set temperatures for the two compartments. HOWEVER, at least for the RS2545 model I have (and many others, if you check the internet), they have a design problem. For me and too many others, the evaporator (cooling coil) in the refrigerator section would ice up, leading to spillage of defrosted ice on the floor followed, eventually, with ice getting to the blower fan and cooling simply stopping. Good news: Freezer keeps on working just fine. The solution is to remove 6-8screws and a couple of electrical connections in the rear of the fridge, get some heat in there (like a blow dryer) to melt some of that ice, and remove the panel behind all of the drawers. (It will seem like it is stuck, but it's really just "iced" in place.) Possible problem is too small a drain hole (which, naturally, doesn't go straight down but rather takes an "S"-shaped path). Not sure, but it's frustrating. I bought it from Costco, so I can always return it for my money back. The only challenge will be moving the 380 pound beast! Would I buy another one? Yes, but only if the warranty is for a very long time.