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Jun 7, 2010 09:11 AM

Montreal Recommendations

My girlfriend and I will be visiting Montreal in late July / early August and I want to make a few reservations before we come to town. I've done some preliminary research on the chowhound boards but I want to make sure I'm not missing any "must try's". We both love to eat out and are pretty adventurous. We tend to prefer restaurants with good food and casual / relaxed atmospheres. I was thinking of trying Au Pied du Cochon, Le Ptit Plateau, and Garde Manger but have nothing set in stone. Any and all recommendations would be greatly appreciated, especially for neighborhood type places that one wouldn't find outside of Montreal.

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  1. Where are you from ? just to help put things more into perspective cuisine-wise.

    Wine list important ? Food Ethnicity you like/dislike ? price range ?

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      We are coming from New York City. We are generally open cuisine-wise but are most interested in the French / local Canadian cuisine. Ideally, the price range would be $50-$100 per person but we are willing to go above that if its worth it. We both like to drink wine with dinner, so restaurants with remarkable lists are a plus.

      Any suggestions for standout markets, lunch places, or Montreal institutions (for bagels, smoked meat, etc) are also welcome.

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        For seasonal food try O Chalet, 1393 Rene Levesque East, 514-527-7070

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          another restaurant is Kitchennette

          1353 Rene Levesque east check their web site

    2. I am also interested and visiting near the end of this month.

      So far we are set on APDC and were thinking about Europea (sp?) for our second night, unless I am persuaded otherwise.

      1227, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

      1. Au petit Cochon and Garde Manger are excellent choices, you're not going wrong with those two.
        Other recos in case you can't get a reservation:
        ANY PLACE of Laurent Godbout. He's an excellent chef. He has Version and L'Epicier in old montreal, as well as La Fabrique and Duo more in the downtown/plateau areas. Duo is interesting because it's him and another chef that create two sets of menus.
        Cuisine Et Dependance: daily menu, changes depending on market availability. Excellent for a good price
        Biere et Compagnie: mussels, a lots of french cuisine with items from the province. The duck confit is awesome! Lots of beer, over 100. Some local, lots of imports. Every beer has it's own glass and coaster. (meaning a sapporo from Japan will be served in a sapporo glass, with sapporo coaster) which is kind of impressive when you consider that they have over 100 beers.

        But I'd try for Garde Manger and au pied de cochon. Garde Manger can be tricky to get a reservation because the girl who takes care of the reservations isn't the best at calling people back when you leave a voicemail. The place is great though, very comfortable, simple but excellent cuisine.

        La Fabrique
        306 Av 4E, Saint-Paul-De-Montminy, QC G0R3Y0, CA

        Cuisine Et Dependance
        4902 Boul Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2T1R5, CA

        1. I highly recommend Au Pied du Cochon, we went there on June 11th and it was fantastic. the service is like nothing I have seen anywhere in my travels. No one and I mean No one is standing around, the staff operate as organized chaos and no one is too important to clear your table or assist in any way - Superb service!!

          The food was also very, very good but you need to be a carnivore to truly appreciate the menu. Extremely creative and very flavorsome, the ambience is great, its located in a cool neighbourhood and I cannot wait to go again.

          1. Les Trois Petits Bouchons 4669 St. Denis just got a good review in the Gazette. High marks for both wine and food.


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              If you want to try an excellent neighborhood restaurant (Rosemont), you shoudl try M sur Masson. The chef makes incredible food. You should check out their menu on their website. Everything is simply delicious. The ambiance is casual and they decorated with old pictures from Rosemont. It is a must stop!