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Jun 7, 2010 08:51 AM

Ed's Chowder House: Tuesday evening "Back Room Dinner"....anyone been?

Was less than wowed by my first visit to Ed's a few months back, but now have reservations to their "Back Room Dinner" being offered Tuesday evenings this summer ($55 prix-fixe dinner, supposedly featuring "special" dishes).

Anyone been yet?

Ed's Chowder House
44 W 63rd St, New York, NY 10023

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  1. I have only been there once, for lunch. Got the chowder sampler, some raw oysters and a bloody mary. I enjoyed my meal.

    Back Room Dinner looks fun. Enjoy!

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      Same here, once for lunch. I sat at the bar, but the service was good (not great). I thought the food was very good. And the fresh lemonade was the perfect way to cut through the creamy chowder sampler.

    2. Like you, way less than wowed the only time I went (for dinner). Let us know how this works out - I have doubts, but wouldn't mind be happily surprised.

      1. We're confirmed for this event tomorrow evening. When I was called by the reservationist to confirm our seating, I was told that this is sort of a "Meet the Chef" event. Wonder, again, if anyone has been to one of these Tuesday evening dinners yet. Will we be able to converse with our friends? Is there family-style seating or will our party have our own table? How frequent are the speeches/comments by chef and/or others conducting this dinner?